Grant Morrison & Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Reunited in “Multiversity”?

Superstar comics writer Grant Morrison has been gearing up for his epic universe spanning Multiversity story for about 5 years now. Now, at his very own convention, Morrison finally unveils some concrete details about the project. Thanks to Comics Alliance, we now have descriptions of all 8 issues. One of those books should be particularly exciting for Green Lantern Kyle Rayner fans since it would feature Morrison writing the character he helped bring to prominence in his JLA run. Hell, it could be exciting for hopeful Wally West fans too. The book is called “The Just” and it stars “legacy heroes.” Read the description below where Morrison name drops the Torchbearer.


The Just – Legacy Heroes

This issue spotlights the children or grown-up sidekicks of the Justice League in a world that their parents and mentors have made completely safe, leaving them inexperienced and aimless.

“What happens when your mom and dad fix everything? Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have kind of fixed everything so the kids have nothing to do,” Morrison said. “Connor Hawke and all those guys, Kyle Rayner, all those guys are hanging around and doing battle reenactments. ‘It’s my turn to defeat Starro the Conquerer!’ The whole idea of superheroes has been taken to this exhausted end point so no one’s got anything to do. They’re all just trying to deal with it. Damian Wayne is the Batman and Chris Kent is the Superman of that world. These kids, they dress up but they’ve never fought anything. So they have to deal with [the threat] on that level.

“We designed it to be like The Hills, where we introduce these characters with their names underneath and these banal conversations. It’s taking all those ’90s characters and doing it as The Hills.”

Multiversity will be serialized as eight 38-page issues (with 8-page backup stories) featuring two bookend chapters, six middle installments that each take place on a different Earth of the DC Comics multiverse, and a ninth book featuring a 20-page story and supplemental material. Each of the six middle chapters will be drawn by different artists. It is currently slated for release in late 2013.

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