REVIEW: Justice League #5


Can you believe that Bryan Hitch and Tony S. Daniels’ first arc on Justice League comes to its conclusion today? Despite this being the second concluding arc I’ve read from DC this month alone it still feels weird that it’s only been a few months since Justice League relaunched in this post Rebirth world. The quicker release of issues can certainly allow for more arcs over the course of a year than the standard six month/six issue model that readers are currently used to. Either way let’s see how Hitch and Daniel’s wrap up their first arc of Justice League! Warning spoilers are to follow, you have been warned.
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REVIEW: Green Lanterns #7

Only a week and we already have a new issue of Green Lanterns out?! That’s what a fifth week plus a cast of rotating artists will do for a series. Enough about scheduling shenanigans, this particular intro might touch home base for all types of readers. Whether it’s parents or guardians we all have someone who handed us the tough love we all needed to hear in order for us to become the people we should be. Most superhero parents are depicted as gentle guardians ushering our heroes to their ultimate destiny, now Sam Humphries introduces us to Simon Baz’s mom. Warning, reading further will contain spoilers be sure to read your comic before reading the review. You have been warned.

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DC Entertainment Releases First Rebirth Collection Solicitations


This comes courtesy of the greatness that is Collected Editions, we know now just how many issues will be collected in the first trade paperback edition of Green Lanterns! The “Rage Planet” storyline just wrapped up this week and that will be the cap off to this collection. Hit the jump below for the full description for that and the first Justice League trade.

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REVIEW: Green Lanterns #6


It really isn’t a secret that I’ve had mix emotions on what Sam Humphries has brought to the Green Lantern mythos. The addition of Jessica Cruz has mostly been positive (with the exception of her curling into a ball last issue) but given that Simon seems to tapping to powers that no other Green Lantern before me gives me reason to pause. It’s a delicate balance when a creative team wants to leave their mark on a character while also respecting what has come before. While I’m the biggest fan of what Baz has been given, but it’s to early to judge for all that! For now be sure you read your issue before continuing further.
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REVIEW: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #4


As much as we love our heroes, It’s a pretty safe bet that most readers find more pathos within the antagonist then the heroes themselves. Look at Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage, The Joker, and of course Sinestro himself. It’s been said before that villains form our darkest desires, hopefully not the mass killing aspect but rather the power fantasy pushed to the extreme. The commanding presence when entering a room the respect that comes along with being perceived as the top dog. Before going forward there will be spoilers, so be sure to read your issues before reading further.

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REVIEW: Justice League #4

Man I have to tell you that fifth week months screw me up when it comes to remembering when certain comics are coming out. In the past fifth weeks meant a weekly event would be coming to a close or there wasn’t a ton of comics coming out and you could leave your LCS without your own wallet trying to murder you. Now with both Marvel and DC flooding the market, the fifth week isn’t any different from the previous four. You maybe wondering what does have to do with new issue of Justice League? Nothing, I just wanted to vent a bit spoilers are followed you have been warned.
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The Green Lantern Corps Cast #133 – Extension Machine



TheGreenLanternCorps.com proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern! The latest issues of Green Lanterns and Hal Jordan and the GLC are covered this week. They also catch up on Justice League. Things get a little testy as the rating system doesn’t do opinions justice. What more could you ask for? Enjoy all that and more on the Green Lantern Corps Cast!


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“JLA Rebirth” Writer Finally Announced in Steve Orlando


Thanks to a Diamond Comic Distributors in a retailer-only report, we now know just who will be writing the JLA comic announced during the Spring. The answer comes in Steve Orlando. Orlando, who just signed with the company exclusively, The book will spin out of another book that was just announced by DC Entertainment, Justice League vs Suicide Squad. That book will serve as the first Rebirth crossover event and will run for just six issues. Below, you can find a quote from Geoff Johns about the series.

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  • Green Lantern Corps #35

    Released Oct. 8th

  • Green Lantern #35

    Released Oct. 1st

  • New Gods Godhead #1

    Released Oct. 1st

  • Sinestro: Future's End #1

    Released Sept. 24th

  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #35

    Shipping Oct. 15th

  • Red Lanterns #35

    Shipping Oct. 22nd

  • Sinestro #6

    Shipping Oct. 29th

  • Green Lantern #36

    Shipping Nov. 5th

Releases updated Oct. 8, 2014