REVIEW: Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #1



What I’m about to write maybe a bit odd, especially since DC’s Rebirth intention is to remind old and newer readers about the days of yore. Yet in the Rebirth issue for this series, half of story was dedicated to an aging Sinestro, a character who has battled Hal Jordan for more than fifty years now not even a snapped neck could prevent him from continuing the fight. Seeing this version of Sinestro battered by the sands of time reminds us that we all have a clock ticking down to the end. The big difference is between us and Sinestro is that we’re not Sinestro. Spoilers to follow in the review below, advance on your own merit.
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VIDEO: Red Lanterns Bleez & Dex Starr Featured in “Justice League: Action” Reel at Comic Con

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us and while the cosplay and panels are great, its always something special when you get to see some action. That’s just what we’ll be getting with the new Cartoon Network show entitled “Justice League: Action” Below you’ll see the first footage of the show, including Red Lanterns Bleez and Dex-Starr!

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REVIEW: Justice League #1


After a really well done Rebirth issue, the team of Bryan Hitch and Tony S. Daniel take on DC’s premier superhero team book. When you factor in the recent Justice League run by Geoff John’s and Jason Fabok’s it’s quite an act to follow up on. Before the Rebirth issue I was worried that Hitch’s writing wasn’t going to be up to snuff for a title of this importance, those worries have since been quenched. Going forward it’ll be interesting to see what Hitch and Daniel do to separate themselves from Justice League runs of the past. Also, there will be spoilers so don’t read ahead unless you’ve read the comic. You’ve been warned.

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REVIEW: Green Lanterns #3


It’s an interesting climate we live in today, a world that is seemingly coming apart at the seems. military coups in other countries, terrorists gaining the upper hand in the middle east, shootings in our own backyard. There is one common trait that these horrible events share, that feeling of pure rage. Anger is perhaps our most primal emotion, something that people revert to when a wall pushes down on them and won’t let up. What exactly does this have to do with two Green Lanterns fighting against Red Lanterns? Let’s take a look inside an find out. Before you go further, there will be spoilers for the issue. You have been warned.
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REVIEW: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1


As the summer heats up, so to does the Rebirth model of DC Comics. Finally releasing a whole month from Green Lanterns, the resident face of the Green Lantern mythos takes center stage. Since Robert Venditti returns to pen the adventures of Hal Jordan it’ll be interesting to see what Venditti brings from his previous run and what new concepts he’ll bring to the table. Having Ethan Van Sciver on pencils doesn’t hurt, but I’m hoping for a mix of something new along with something classic to create an interesting fusion. Let’s see how Hal Jordan brings back the Green Lantern Corps.
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The Green Lantern Corps Cast – Venditti and the Green Lantern Corps!



TheGreenLanternCorps.com proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern! Pardon our delay (we’re sure you’re used it to it by now) but editing takes time. So instead of our usual banter discussing the latest issues (which you will get soon), he’s a short interview that I did with the writer of the upcoming new series Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Robert Venditti. It’s always great to chat with the people behind the comics we read and dissect, and this is no different. Enjoy the sweet irritating sound of my voice as I try to find out everything about this new series, Venditti’s trust in this art team, potential delays and an assortment of Green Lantern characters.

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Featuring an opening theme from Kirby Krackle (http://www.kirbykracklemusic.com/)


REVIEW: Justice League: Rebirth


Over the past year, some of you might have noticed the lack of book I was not reviewing for this site (no it’s not Earth 2). It was Bryan Hitch’s Justice League of America, which I read for a couple of issues then promptly put the series down because it didn’t click with me like Johns’ and Fabok’s take on the Justice League. Now with both Johns and Fabok ending their tenure on the flagship title for the DCU, Bryan Hitch and series artist Tony Daniel take the reigns of the World’s Greatest Superheroes. Hopefully this time around Hitch can convince me to say for his writing. As usual, spoilers ahead!

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REVIEW: Green Lanterns #2


My how the time flies! The Rebirth of the DCU continues despite the pesky fifth week getting in the way. Much to my surprise Sam Humphries was able to establish the tone that the series should follow going forward. I’m still hesitant over the inclusion of The Red Lanterns, but that’s my own personal bias after reading The Emotional Spectrum Adventures since 2008, but perhaps newer readers find Atrocitus and his “rage” more entertaining. Thankfully Jessica’s personality shines above the red mess, but hopefully this issue puts some character development behind Simon Baz, a character who needs more page time. Spoilers ahead!

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  • Green Lantern Corps #35

    Released Oct. 8th

  • Green Lantern #35

    Released Oct. 1st

  • New Gods Godhead #1

    Released Oct. 1st

  • Sinestro: Future's End #1

    Released Sept. 24th

  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #35

    Shipping Oct. 15th

  • Red Lanterns #35

    Shipping Oct. 22nd

  • Sinestro #6

    Shipping Oct. 29th

  • Green Lantern #36

    Shipping Nov. 5th

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