REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #30


With “Uprising” one month away this week I take a gander at the last issue before the actual war begins it’s time for one more breather issue before the conflict can finally head to it’s apex. While we know the motivations driving the Khund and the rest of the forces against our emerald warriors, but what about the mysterious Durlans? Outside of simple generic they are evil plot what is there prime motivation for waging war on such a scale. Well as it turns out that is the focus of this issue on the brief history of the Durlans. So now the question is does this issue answer to much or to little to the Durlans side of events. Let’s open page one and find out.

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REVIEW: Earth 2 #22


As we left off last issue, things are not doing so well for the resistance. Which all leads to this single point, how can one defeat The Man of Steel. We’ve seen what an evil Superman is capable, so this story should pretty much be pointless right? Well that’s where you’re wrong fellow reader. Typically an evil Superman has to potential of being steered into a rut if it’s an ongoing basis, but somehow (most likely due to Tom working on Injustice God of Among Us), he has given a somewhat hope to potentially stopping Superman. Do you believe in the Power of Love?

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REVIEW: Green Lantern #30


For every war there are phases that occur, which can lead to a better understanding of your opponent. That could either be a bad or good thing depending on the situation presented upon the soldiers. They might understand their viewpoints or they might become even more disgusted due to the actions of past battles. This issue is the eye of hurricane for our fellow Lanterns, since we all know the real fireworks start next month. This will be a moment of reflection for our reluctant leader and his opportunity to push the Lanterns to victory against the Khund Empire and the deadly Durlans.
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‘Man of Steel’ Writer David Goyer Would “Love” to do Green Lantern


Speaking with Collider, Man of Steel writer David Goyer (who’s also hard at work on its sequel that will feature both Batman and Wonder Woman), briefly spoke about that and a tidbit for us lanterns to think on. “I’d love to do Green Lantern” said Goyer when discussing how alien of a world Superman’s home world of Krypton was in Man of Steel and when told “That’s how Green Lantern should have been” by the interviewer. Check out the interview below with the Green Lantern bit around the 12:50 mark.

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REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #29


The concept of religion has to be one of the most controversial subjects in real life or in science fiction stories. With the recent shift for this particular series it’s only fitting that the idea of Godhood comes into play where the main character has the potential as a God and his companions could be considered Gods themselves. However when it comes to any type of story there are two sides to any conflict which can lead to revelations that could potentially shatter a person of faith. So how exactly does all this mumbo jumbo tie into the latest issue of New Guardians? Well let’s open page one and find out.
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REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #29


Facing a oncoming threat of insurmountable odds is scary thing to face. Chances are you will be able to see the sheer number of enemies. I am going to proposition something that is more terrifying than an army? An endless army that you cannot see. Ask anybody who has served in combat and they will most likely tell you that the unknown is always scarier. Think about it, even in normal day life the unknown is terrifying. So for added measure let’s thrown in a shape shifting alien race who have thanks to this issue makes The Durlans even more terrifying than before. Be warned there is a huge spoiler here, so read the issue first before reading this review.

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