REVIEW: Red Lanterns #35


The crossover rolls on with the another emotional spectrum book taking the spotlight. Now it’s time to focus on the Red Lanterns who (due to events of Lights Out) have claimed sector 2814 as their territory. Unfortunately for me this one title I don’t keep up with on a regular basis. I apologize if I gleam over anything that seems important. This review will rather see how this book fit’s in the over all scheme of Godhead. So with that being said, what is up with Guy Gardner and his motley crew (not the band) of Red Lanterns are up.
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REVIEW: The Multiveristy: The Just


Well ladies and gentlemen it’s once again time to jump into the bleed, and see where our conductor Grant Morrison takes us this time. If the cover is any indication of what exactly this issue will be about it’s a fun coincidence that this comes out a week after Batgirl making current culture today the focal point. How exactly does the world of superheros mesh with modern culture? Should they treated as separate or does a mesh work for the better? Well let’s see what Morrison has in store for Earth 16!
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REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #35


The crossover rolls on with the focus shifting towards everyone’s favorite White Lantern, Kyle Rayner. Due to Kyle’s incident with the Source Wall and the discovery of the Life Equation in makes complete sense that Kyle will be the focal point for this epic story. Plus given last month’s Futures End tie-in readers have a vague idea of what Kyle’s ultimate fate might be. Will this book continue the theme of Lanterns having their collective tushes kicked by the New Gods? Or will the shift in titles make the tone change as well? Let’s charge up and find out shall we.
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REVIEW: Earth 2 #27

One might think that with a weekly book dedicated to Earth 2 one might think that this book is a bit a redundant now. Well that’s neither here nor there and it’s all about what’s inside the book that matters. So have ever meet a family member once and then never again? Only for them to show up years later in a odd situation? Well that’s the the theme for this issue of Earth 2, and the nature of what it means to have a family during times of crisis.
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REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #35


You know the players and you know the game, now it’s time to dive just a bit further into Godhead. The biggest issue with Godhead so far is that of the power scale. For the first time in quite a while the New Gods were actually treated like Gods, which is great but from a story perspective it could write this crossover into a hole. For now it appears that this will be a slow burn with bursts of action for each issue. Let’s see if the momentum continues with this issue of Green Lantern Corps.

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REVIEW: Earth 2 Worlds End #1


The time has finally arrived, the debut of yet another weekly book from DC comics this time focusing on Earth 2 and their troubles. Now that the book has been expanded 100 pages per month (do the math) this could be a great way to fully develop the cornucopia of characters for this Earth. Plus it seems that two lost souls have may their way home and how does their return affect the heroes of Earth 2? Plus Terry Sloan and Bedlam are still out there, so let’s not waste any time and pages and let’s watch the World End.
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  • Green Lantern Corps #35

    Released Oct. 8th

  • Green Lantern #35

    Released Oct. 1st

  • New Gods Godhead #1

    Released Oct. 1st

  • Sinestro: Future's End #1

    Released Sept. 24th

  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #35

    Shipping Oct. 15th

  • Red Lanterns #35

    Shipping Oct. 22nd

  • Sinestro #6

    Shipping Oct. 29th

  • Green Lantern #36

    Shipping Nov. 5th

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