“Justice League: Gods And Monsters” Animated Movie Coming 2015


Justice League: Gods and Monsters will see release come Mid/Late 2015, and will be an original story written and directed by Bruce Timm. That plus Batman Versus Robin (which will feature Scott Snyder’s Court of Owls) will join the previously announced Justice League: Throne of Atlantis animated feature, slated for Winter/Spring 2014.


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“LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham” Game Features Playable Arkillo & Bleez


In addition to revealing that a yellow ring wielding Arkillo will be featured in the game, Arthur Parsons the Game Director on “Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham” also revealed that planets Zamaron and Okaara will also be visited! Oh and some hero named Blue Beetle? If you’re into that kinda thing…Some more info may be coming on Sunday at 1pm Pacific when LEGO has their Comic Con panel. Check out a clip of Arkillo in the video below around the 10:20 mark. Damn, I almost forgot the woman you see above…BLEEZ is there too! Find her below at the 12:45 mark.

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Warner Bros. Wants Oscar Winning Screenwriter for ‘Justice League’


Shocking no one but putting smiles on the faces of many, comes the news that Warner Bros. wants Chris Terrio to return to the DC realm with a script for Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” film. Deadline reports that Terrio “crushed” it on the script for “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that WB wants him for round 2.


SDCC14: LEGO Announces Green Lantern vs Sinestro Set


San Diego Comic Con or officially named Comic Con International kicked off with some Green Lantern news on Wednesday. Its only fitting that when Batman ventures off into space in the “LEGO Batman 3″ videogame, that we should see some lantern involvement right? Yet it was still a great surprise to learn that LEGO is releasing in Winter 2015 a Green Lantern vs Sinestro set, which of course still features Batman. Hit the jump for pics!

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REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #33


Had enough Nightmare fuel yet? As I mentioned last month New Guardians went to a dark place and it looks like this issue will continue that theme. Which leads us as readers to ask who are the Psions? One thing is for sure, they seem to take after Saw in terms of their torture methods. Minus the sick “game” aspect of course. What horrors remain hidden in the darkness for Kyle, Carol, and the remaining Guardians to discover. Well let’s just say that it only gets more sadistic with a dash of sorrow. Enough with idle chit chat, let’s open page one already.
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New Green Lantern Event: GODHEAD


I honestly questioned Justin Jordan’s Green Lantern: New Guardians work. Not the quality, because that is overall good stuff. I questioned where it fit and how the hell would Jordan be able to continue these kind of stories and still keep Kyle Rayner, Carol Ferris and the gang of Guardians centered in the rotation of lantern events. Well if you’re like me, you can ponder no more. “GODHEAD” is the upcoming Green Lantern month long event and if the title doesn’t say it all, the supporting characters will be Gods…NEW GODS. Read below for more info and covers.

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  • Green Lantern Corps #0

    Released Sept. 12th

  • Green Lantern: the Animated Series #6

    Released Sept. 12th

  • Green Lantern #0

    Released Sept. 5th

  • Green Lantern Annual #1

    Released Aug. 29th

  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #0

    Shipping Sept. 19th

  • Red Lanterns #0

    Shipping Sept. 26th

  • Green Lantern #13

    Shipping Oct. 3rd

  • Green Lantern Corps #13

    Shipping Oct. 10th