Ratings Quick Beam: Green Lantern: The Animated Series (February 18-24, 2013)


Welcome back to another edition of Ratings Quick Beam, where I give you a small dose latest ratings info for your favorite lantern media. Let’s find out where GLTAS landed in this final week of February episodes.



Damn it. There is just no consistency in these ratings. If there is, then I can’t find the variables. Last week, Green Lantern: The Animated Series placed at #20, now the series has shot up all the way number 12. Along with the 8 spot jump, GLTAS gained viewers with a P2+ rating of 1837. Quite impressive. Baffling but impressive nonetheless. Now, while I actively participate in the live tweeting of whatever hashtag the DC Nation fans come up with, I don’t think the Worldwide Trend of “GreenInvasion” was the sole cause of the series getting such a huge boost.

Okay, so lets look at other shows and try to find out what could be the problem. Well, noticeably absent is Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards, Ice Age: Meltdown and Tom and Jerry & the Wizard of Oz. Those three programs posted some great(Ice Age), decent(Tom and Jerry) and disappointing (Hall of Game) numbers. Ice Age was the number one show last week on Cartoon Network so obviously its removal would mean an increased rating for everything below it.

You know what? I just realized that GLTAS is the third highest ranking AM program on Cartoon Network, including weekdays. THIRD! Trailing, you guessed it, its DC Nation counterpart Young Justice and its Saturday & Sunday morning lead-in Star Wars: The Clone Wars! I can not imagine the statistics provided by Cartoon Network’s sales team that convinced the executives that GLTAS was not doing well.

I need to go. I’m going to get upset. Also these are supposed to be quick. See you next Thursday.

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