“Green Lanterns: Underworld on Fire” Potentially Coming Soon via DC Comics Twitter Fan Vote

Social Media Platforms can be the most evil of tools when used by people of ill intent, Twitter being chief among them. However today, we Green Lantern fans have a chance to make it just a tad bit more pleasant, by voting of all things. You want Kyle Rayner? You want Kilowog? Of course you do. All you have to do is VOTE. Like right now! Something like late AF March Madness!

Its Green Lanterns: Underworld on Fire taking on Etta Candy: Holliday Hero,Inc. in this first round matchup. If you can’t see the accompanying image below, here’s a description for the potential comic:

Kyle Rayner and Kilowog are on the case of space outlaws razing the intergalactic underworld sector by sector. But will Kyle go by the book when he finds out who’s behind it all?

Each block of voting will be rewarded with new sneak peeks, and it looks like we’ll even get creative teams and art come April 8th! That means Round 1 ends on April 7th so cast your votes as soon as possible. The rest of the field of potential titles are:

  • The Brave and the Bug: Crisis on Infinite Ambush
  • Zatanna and the King of Nightmares
  • Lobo/Animal Man: Scorched Earth
  • Son of the Creeper
  • JLQ
  • Robins
  • Paws Off The Justice League
  • Jesse Quick: Control
  • Blue Beetle: Graduation Day
  • Nightrunner: Love in Paris
  • Swamp Thing: A House of Secrets
  • Suicide Squad Seven
  • Asteria: The Last Amazon
  • Superman & Lois: Ignition

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