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Talking Why Doesn't Batman exist?

Why doesn't Batman exist?

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Mister Ed
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Originally Posted by alexander284 View Post
Why doesn't Batman exist?

People like Batman because he is "believable?" Is that really the case?

Anyone who works and trains hard enough could become Batman, right?

A wealthy person could purchase all those technological gadgets, correct?

Law enforcement might allow and condone the actions of a vigilante, true?

A traumatic event experienced in childhood might drive someone to it, yes?

If so, why hasn't a "Batman" emerged in the "real" world--the one we live in?

A few points:

1.) What is the likelihood of all those factors coming together at once?

2.) In a world where Batman already exists as a comic book character, don't you think it likely that anybody serious enough about that stuff to fill a Batman-like role would tend to feel like imitating a comic book character didn't constitute taking his mission seriously enough? It seems like they might take a fairly different route simply to avoid the perception of ridiculousness that emulating a comic book character would evoke in most of the world.

3.) If somebody HAD done this, would you likely know about it? Frankly, one of the most unrealistic aspects of comics-Batman is his seeming high profile among the DCU at large. I would think that somebody serious about filling such a role would likely escape the notice of the average law-abiding citizen.
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Because nobody cares enough in the real world.

Those of us who would want to do it, don't have the money, time or resources to do what Bruce Wayne did. We'd all rather spend out money on comics and action figures.

But believe me, if I could devote my life to training my body and mind to human perfection. To be able to master all forms of Martial Arts and achieve status as the world's greatest detective. To also have the unlimited budget to fund all the equipment needed for armor, spy tech, computers, vehicles, and weapons. Then I would do it, believe me, I would.
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Sasha Bordeaux
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Vigilantes would be "the death" of our legal system.
You can't put on a mask and do what our beloved Bat does.
It's fascinating, i know.. but it's impossble.
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Because no city on earth would ever allow some psycho to go around and fight crime outside of the law. Plus I would like to think that it would be really easy to figure out who batman is. The FBI would only spend maybe two days on the case before they figure out 1) Who he is 2) his motivation 3) When and where to go get his ass and bring him in
If they take any longer someone on the street would kill him.

And anyone that rich with that type of emotional trauma would just go to rich-guy-therapy, buy a few islands to get away from the rest of the world and maybe use the rest to start up a fund for orphans whose parents were mugged and killed on the street.

Plus in the real world the Waynes would not have been walking around in the ghetto at night. That's just asking for it......
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Kyle Rayner
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I, myself, had considered what would be required to become batman. I began making a list, but once I got to the "10+ years of physical training" item, I lost interest

I'll admit, I've fantasized about going to a batman appearance and an oppurtunity presents itself for "heroic action," me taking it, and being viewed as "real," but then I'd have a whole new problem on my hands: enourmous publicity as a copywritten character without said copywrite holder's (DC's) approval....
Those that never take risks never know what could have been

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Default could batman be real

some may speculate that Batman may have been based on victorian legend "Spring Heeled Jack" a character who reportedly was a bit of a pest between 1837 and the late 1800's england

how cool would that be!
he couls jump like 25 feet in the air!
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I think John Walsh (Americas Most Wanted) is as close to real life Bats as your going to get.
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Comte de la Fere
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Probably... and his story is much more heart-wrenching, too... I feel so bad for the guy.
Do good. Be well. Make happy.
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While vigilantism happens in the real world from time to time, someone wouldn't be realistically able to fight every couple of nights like that and not burn out from permanent injuries.

Professional fighters train months for a fight that MIGHT last 15 minutes, often less, and they can only manage 10-30 fights in a career. Ok there are freaks like Wladimir Klitschko who is 51-3 with 45 wins by knockout... but for the most part... people can't sustain that level of punishment.
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I think that if Batman really existed, he would be caught by our justice system. I know people like to point out all the people the police fail to catch in a year, but they don't see the staggering amount of arrests they do make.
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Anyone reading Mark Millar's Kick-Ass? One of those scenarios where someone 'real' tries to help out. Wicked, brutal and funny so far.

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Niv, as valid as your point is, its not that valid, I'm a MMA fighter and I train everyday, I put myself through punishment all the time. I'm not on the level of some people but normally there is sparing every day, so in theroy some one could handle the punishment, especially if they have body armor, and are a superior fighter.
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I would go because in the real world Batman would be dead his first night out. Jumping off of buildings is never a good idea.
Take life with a Grain of salt and a shot of tequila!
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Originally Posted by alexander284 View Post
Why doesn't Batman exist?
Because bullets hurt.

That and the fact that someone creeping around dressed like a giant bat would be a littel hard to miss.
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