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Kyle Rayner
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The Corps think Kyle is dead after he apparently perished during the battle with Relic. What really happened is that he returned from beyond the Source Wall, but only the Guardians and Carol Ferris are aware of this.
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I could see how that would be confusing if you randomly picked up just this issue.
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well being that he's a comic book character yes he is immortal, just look at S-man,Batman,WW, Hal ect., ect., ect. all have been around since the 1930-40's, all have died at one point and come back better then ever, all look to be in there-their-they're early 30's, all will still be around long after we're all dead

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Originally Posted by Space Cop View Post
I could see how that would be confusing if you randomly picked up just this issue.
The issue was there, and I thought GL was done. So, yeah, I did randomly pick up the issue. My bad for thinking it was over. Just kinda the vibe I got when the book was called the end, and ended with literally the green lantern story pretty much coming to a close.
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Default So

So, in total, Kyle may not even be able to use the white energy, much less be immortal.

God damn it, one of these writers has to shoot kyle or something so we can know his mortality.
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WOW i have missed out the past few months!! im gonna hammer the reading pile!

I would like kyle to be immortal but i saw in the futures end solicitations that **SPOILER** the white light is killing him...
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