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Red face Hi everyone!

Hello to the corps! My name is Charlie, I'm a big gamer, musician, and just recently got into reading comics including the current Green Lantern stories.
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Space Cop
The Dandy
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One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble!

Welcome to the wonderful world of comics. You hunt big game?
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Owned by Natu
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Welcome to the Corps let me show you around....Over here we have Andrew's Office *whispers* can't go in he's filming again....Over here is IonFan's Art Gallery...Notice still no nude Natu's *snaps fingers* here is The_Mad_Dragon's...Ooops..Um he's busy with his porn collection...Over there is Maverick_GL our resident Cyborg, just ignore the cat with the beer and remote control we don't know what that's about...That guy over there sitting in the huge pile of Transformer toys and looking at Deviant Art nudes of Princess Iolande, is Orion Pax we just let him have his fantasy world...The guy in the flash costume with a note pad is W.West he fancy's him self a Hollywood Reporter and usually has the scoop, um just ignore his prattle about the Flash....This young man in the orange business suit is Fearless2814.1 watch yourself around him. He is the greedy head of a international corporate machine. Now over in the corner is Bruce Castle...he's our resident Tom Jones expert. This guy standing behind me with the Heron Marked Sword and a Camo colored cape is Shingo Wol...I think he has read The Wheel of Time to much...think's he is a Warder. Now over here is the discussion tables feel free to be post whores...we all are...It was nice to meet you and show you around our asyl..err board...remember meds at 2 and lights out at sundown...Have fun...

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Guy's Drinking Buddy
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welcome you to the board i do, great will i sense...
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Shingo Wol
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djchangchild of earth You have become a fan. Welcome to The Green Lantern Corps Forum.
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Champion of the World
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Welcome to War.
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Fatality's Blacksmith
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Welcome to the board, djchangchild! Favorite game?
"You can't foresee all the consequences of your actions -- but that's no excuse to do nothing." -- Hal Jordan
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Abin Surly
or ewe sirius
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Manhunter Repairman
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Welcome aboard!
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Lantern Hex
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Guardian of the Universe
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