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Originally Posted by Quaker View Post
Preferably both, Taz!
as for my recommendations Q, try the following if U havent already:
Infinity Gauntlet
Thanos Quest (the precursor to I.G.)
DC: New Frontier
The Light Brigade GN
Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
Cosmic Odyssey
Superman: Red Son
JLA: The Nail
JL Elite Vol 1: The Tornado's Path tpb
Superman & Batman: Generations, An Imaginary Tale
A Man Called Kev
Avengers books - 1) Avengers Classics: Nefaria Supreme, 2) Korvac Saga, 3) Under Siege
Fantastic Four Visionaries: Walter Simonson, Vol. 1 (cuz SIMONSON dammit!!)
Fantastic Four Visionaries - John Byrne, Vol. 4 & Vol. 6

thats about all I can think of now........


Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.
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