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  1. Scythe
    04-11-2011 06:42 AM
    I really like it, if ya have more pics, I'd love to see em. I hand made my costume, I sorta wish I'd have used found objects because it was a bitch to learn how to sew heavy duty material like the edges of a kevlar vest.
  2. Jeff
    04-11-2011 03:37 AM
    Oh, I meant to say- I think the most poignant scene in Gods and Monsters is at the very end when Clayton shows his son the original sketch for the monsters make-up and we see Whale's handrwritten note "To Clayton Boone....friend?"
  3. Jeff
    04-11-2011 02:28 AM
    Btw, what did you think of the Stephen Sommers Mummy movies? I thought they were fabulous.
  4. Jeff
    04-11-2011 02:27 AM
    I defintely liked HOD better than HOF. HOD, to me, was the official ending of not only the individual characters, but the prime of The Universal Monsters. It would be quite a long time before Creature came out to reclaim the throne. And like I said, HOD pretty much ended on a hpaay note for most involved.

    RE: Van Helsing- I've seen it, don't remember much about it other than I didn't like the Dracula character. Maybe I will pick that up next time I'm at the video store to revisit the landscape. I've always hoped that someone could pick up where HOD left off and make a direct sequel today utilizing the same spirit and grandios nature of the Monsters.
  5. Jeff
    04-10-2011 07:16 PM
    My AUnt and I watched Gods and Monsters last night. I think she was a little taken aback by the whole "gay thing" as she is 83 years old and of a different time in life, but I think she enjoyed the movie anyways. I certainly did. There are times where I can truly identify with the character of Whale that was portrayed in that movie. I had always wished someone made a bio movie like that for Boris and Bela.
  6. Scythe
    04-10-2011 11:27 AM
    I've seen that pic around the boards! Fantastic! I've been meaning to do a golden age suit of him. My personally made superhero costume was an original hero, then I added a few things to make him into a red lantern. Once I decide to go into a different direction with him, I'd love to go either golden age, or 1930's, sorta like the The Shadow/The Spirit. A tad earlier than their time if possible.
  7. Jeff
    04-10-2011 01:24 AM
    Oh, and oddly enough, that metal thing next to Frankenstein to the left is the cross from my mother's casket. I mention this because of the scene in the hermits cabin where the camera pans to the cross on the wall. Funny how life is ironic like that.
  8. Jeff
    04-10-2011 01:23 AM
    Here's the busts that I got with the 3 dvd's:

    Funny Story: remember how I told you I paid 40 bucks for everything (movies and busts, brand new)? I was at a LCS a few towns over, and they had the busts by themselves, used, and asking 80 bucks for them. I fought back so hard to tell the guy he was such a rip off.
  9. Jeff
    04-08-2011 01:17 AM
    finished House of Frank tonight. Moving on to House of Drac. The one thing I loved about the latter is that Lawrence Talbot finally gets some peace and love in his life. It was a happy ending for him. He suffered, died, suffered some more, but was finally granted a boon and given a proper normal life.
  10. Jeff
    04-07-2011 12:39 AM
    That wasn't the exact "moose" I had in mind, but I give you an E for Effort.

    RE: Karloff's mummy: My absolute favorite role he played. Ever. Even better than the Monster. I especially loved his "eastern prejudice" scene.

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Fantastic composer who is known by some on the boards, some know the songs because of writers like Alan Moore's use of things like "The Black Freighter", and others are probably thinking WTF.

So here's a primer for ya!

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The swingy Bobby Darrin version was not the original, and completely lost the 'dark undertow',...

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I wasn't sure if anyone had posted this before, so I thought I would just post it here.

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My first blog is actually starting with some quotes from a thread that I was replying to for so long that a slew of other folk had already posted a ton of replies and I thought mine was sort of long winded, so I decided to stick it here.

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Infinite Crisis should've been called Infinite Nonsense. There were too many plots which were unrelated and the story fell under its weight of expectation, promises and build.
The part about Hal punching Bruce,
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