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A group for fans of Highlander in all its immortal forms. There can be only one.
3 2 55 8
12:33 AM
This group is for any Green Lantern that is willing to unite with others to improve the condition of our vast world. Together, we will create steps that we can take to help other people, as well as help the environment. Who else is tired of seeing Earth and it's people in constant pain?
2 0 0 2
A haven to discuss the ins and outs of "the industry" and its stars.
13 1 225 6
A place for cyberpun/shadowrun fans to gather,share pictures,and talk
2 1 5 0
04:35 PM
For anyone that reads KOTOR comics and want to comment about it
6 1 12 1
03:15 AM
Banding rings and combination of colour via shade creates a certain godly being one combined Gold, Silver, and White Lanterns *Theory*
6 1 1 2
05:19 AM
This is a group for those who will never grow up when we see a toy we want or one we once had, we buy it.
2 1 1 3
04:53 AM
Any fan of the Flash or any other speedster!
16 1 61 1
04:49 AM
Transformers Fans, unite!!!
12 1 9 10
04:45 AM
A group for all of you who watch the web series Red vs. Blue. If you join put "I am a friend of Caboose" in you sig and a link to the group.
5 1 46 0
04:42 AM
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