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Conversation Between Ωmega Man and Fearless
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  1. Ωmega Man
    11-03-2016 09:08 PM
    Ωmega Man
    Dude you should check out my new Legion RP! Trying to get another one going with stats...

  2. Fearless
    09-06-2016 04:55 PM
    No. I think I might've signed up for an account their once, but I only really need one message board centered around superheroes in my life.
  3. Ωmega Man
    09-06-2016 01:47 AM
    Ωmega Man
    You ever go to the Superhero Hype boards?

  4. Ωmega Man
    06-18-2015 01:53 AM
    Ωmega Man
    Hey man, didn't remember how well you liked the stat based games but we've got one about to kick off on the rpg site set in the DCU with original characters. We'll be facing Kalibak, Mantis, the Furies, Warhounds, and Parademons... 25 enemies total if you're up for it.

  5. Fearless
    02-24-2015 02:49 AM
    ...Doesn't sound that bad, although I'm not sure where I'd fit in with it.
  6. Ωmega Man
    02-24-2015 12:01 AM
    Ωmega Man
    I had a model for a shared universe three game RP universe and this is about as close to it as I can get, however my spinoff would make it a total of four games in the 2022 universe.

    We've been missing the cosmic angle for quite some time. My hero Ditto is an alien, but has made Earth his new home. Endrance has agreed her new Supergirl could bridge the gap between YJ and what will be a modern era Legion and with my character will join another four-five players for the spin off. From a story standpoint, the YJ team will face a threat like no other when a teenager at a Midway City school gets a Red Lantern ring and takes revenge on not only his abusive teacher, but the rest of the school. After YJ steps up to take him down the new Legion appears on the ring's trail and Supergirl will join them thus beginning the new RP in it's own separate thread.

  7. Fearless
    02-23-2015 11:42 PM
    Hm, sounds interesting. You've been thinking this over for a while now?
  8. Ωmega Man
    02-23-2015 11:14 PM
    Ωmega Man
    So some interesting developments have occurred in the YJ series of RP's over at A longtime friend/player took his wolfman character to do a direct spin-off from YJ2022 based around the Outsiders. Another who dropped out of YJ2021 took his character and will be making another direct spin-off in the universe of RP's based around the Suicide Squad. I was thinking of writing my own spin off out of the next chapter for something a little more cosmic and thought of doing a GotG to the Legion in the 21st century. Would you be game for something like that?

  9. Fearless
    11-18-2014 09:49 PM
    I know, I apologize for being so absent lately but school's really picked up and I haven't had the time I used to have for RP'ing. However, I do have this coming Saturday off from work, as well as whatever time I have between classes. I'll try and get something up by Saturday, I promise, but that's all I can do right now.
  10. Ωmega Man
    11-18-2014 08:54 PM
    Ωmega Man
    The YJ crew needs our thunderer!


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