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Conversation Between Space Cop and Jeff
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  1. Jeff
    05-14-2021 05:44 AM
    Yes, I meant to tell you I got him last Saturday. I also ordered Toho era Mothra, mecha Ghidorah, and Biollante, and a red Gojirasaurus from Amazon, all of which have arrived. Happy times. And I totally know what you mean about the leaning stance on JJ...I had to prop him up against somebody else to get him to stand upright.
  2. Space Cop
    05-14-2021 03:12 AM
    Space Cop
    BTW: did you get your Jet Jaguar yet? I like mine, but because of his stance, I can't get him to stand without leaning on something.
  3. Jeff
    05-14-2021 01:58 AM
    Dude, I've already watched the first 8 episodes. Don't try to ask me to explain what I saw because I sure as hell don't get these whiz kids and their 4th dimensional maths and sciences.

    Its free. No pop ups, you aren't breaking any laws, so go ahead and enjoy yourself.
  4. Space Cop
    05-13-2021 08:50 PM
    Space Cop
    Dude, it doesn't release til next month.
  5. Jeff
    05-13-2021 08:12 PM
    Have you been watching Godzilla: Singular Point?
  6. Space Cop
    05-09-2021 12:06 PM
    Space Cop
    Yeah, they’re all pretty cool.
  7. Jeff
    05-09-2021 04:38 AM
    I hope you can see this like in your browser. Instagram is a great place because you control the content you want to see.

    Comparative view of WFC SW, G1, and MP.
  8. Space Cop
    04-19-2021 03:07 AM
    Space Cop
    Oh yeah. I know some of the people quoted (particularly JD Lees who runs GFan and GFest).
  9. Jeff
    04-19-2021 12:53 AM
    Hey, meant to ask if you grabbed the latest issue of LIFE magazine with Godzilla on the cover?
  10. Space Cop
    04-15-2021 11:59 AM
    Space Cop
    Sorry, saw that and forgot that too. There’s an anime/manga thread. I’ve even posted there, but Tazer is the most active:

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