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Conversation Between Space Cop and Jeff
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  1. Space Cop
    09-04-2019 02:53 AM
    Space Cop
    Yeah, very cool.

    Sorry about that. Once you get it, it's pretty fast, but it takes a few steps. I'm not very techy actually. I couldn't even handle making that sign you did.
  2. Jeff
    09-04-2019 01:09 AM
    Well...I couldn't even find a share option, so that stopped me right there. BUT I just remembered I had an imagebb account, so I tried it there and somehow it worked. Check out the Florida fail thread.
  3. Space Cop
    09-04-2019 12:42 AM
    Space Cop
    It's not super streamlined for this site.
    So, you gotta click on the photo you want. Click on the "share" option (arrow icon on bottom right). For this site, click the "BBCode" option and grab that link.
    Unfortunately, this site can't use that whole thing, so you only want the bit between the img stuff and I always cut the "s" off of the http because a lot of people can't click on safe links here.
  4. Jeff
    09-04-2019 12:36 AM
    Sir, quick question....I opened a Flickr account and uploaded a test photo, but I can't find where the links are to post them to the forum do you do it?
  5. Space Cop
    09-03-2019 02:55 AM
    Space Cop
    I always liked the jets. They all look pretty cool.
    Yeah, I do my own photos when it's a bunch of things or something I think will be hard to find a photo of. But if it's just one, common DVD or something (like this past Saturday), I'll grab something from Google.
  6. Jeff
    09-03-2019 02:34 AM
    Speaking of which, here is a pic I thought you might enjoy. The version farthest left is brand new, just came out. For the gentlemen.
  7. Jeff
    09-03-2019 02:31 AM
    Cool. Thank you. I noticed in the "last thing you purchased thread" that it looked like you had taken those pics yourself. I gotta get on myself to find a better hosting site, although I use Instagram practically every day, so I'm not sure if I should go to flicker or just use links from insta.
  8. Space Cop
    09-02-2019 03:21 AM
    Space Cop
    Flickr, but I don't do it that much, so I don't know what their limits are.
  9. Jeff
    09-02-2019 01:56 AM
    Hey bud, what are you using to host your images nowadays?
  10. Space Cop
    07-06-2019 12:07 PM
    Space Cop
    Yeah, I have Bandai's Destroyah in the 6" line and for him to be in scale with Godzilla he's really over 10" and very wide.

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