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Catching Up with GL Jordan Part the First

Posted 11-09-2011 at 06:52 AM by Evergreen City

I stopped reading comics in the summer of 1983, because I was too engrossed in finished my Master of Arts degree in history...a long and arduous process that had nearly bankrupted me as well. The early nineties were not good to us, so my collection of over two thousand Silver Age and Bronze Age comics had to be sacrificed. This July, we took collecting up again.

That's a lot of ground to cover. A thirty year absence from the lives and events of our favorite heroes presents a steep learning curve, not unlike making friends again with someone you knew in high school and ran into at a reunion.

Slowly, story arc by story arc, we're filling it in. Our journey may be of use to someone else out there, so here's how it went.

I was amazed? shocked? tantalized? to learn Hal Jordan had become Parallax, then died, then became the Spectre, then was reborn. The physical and spiritual journey he endured makes his one of the classic tales of science fiction. That became my focal point.

So I started with Rebirth, and moved both directions from there. I have found my way through Day of Judgment and several abbreviated forms of the Final Night. I have spent a good deal of time and energy in the Volume 3 core story arc, from about issue 18 to issue 50. I filled in key issues in the Volume 2 story arc from the beginning of the space exile (where I left off with Hal) to the disappearance of the Guardians. Volume 2 has a long ways to go.

My husband is an Action collector, so the Action GL story arc is nearly complete now. As time and money permit, am also filling in with reprints of the color comics of my youth (Volume 2 #13 to Volume 2 #30), and am using the Showcase Presents series for deep background in the meantime. I have a good memory for the original colors. It's like what watching black and white television used to be.

The JLA GL appearances are a whole 'nuther problem. Time was I had a complete run from B&B 29 to JLA 200. No more. Sigh.

I have yet to become a devoted Kyle fan, but he's growing on me. The more I see of Guy the less I want to collect him. But John Stewart impresses me. As do most other members of the Corps. Arisia is a favorite of my husband, wonder why. I like the Tomars. I really like Kilowog. And I liked Katma Tui, may she rest in peace.

The next big target, for later this month, will be the missing issues from Volume 4. A major national chain book retailer near me (and probably near you, as well) is having a tremendous sale on Black Friday. Buy $50 worth of books and get 15% off. Naturally, they also have comics at "half-price." I have found a location which professes 20,000 comics in their back room...all of them at 50% cover or less. A great source of reader-grade titles, but watch out for the peanut butter and jelly.
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