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Fearless Draft Titlecards
Collective Banners of GLCMB Drafts
Y: the Last Man (DC Adaptation Draft) 
--- Story Arc: Y: The Last Man 
--- Protagonist: Hutch Dano as Yorick Brown 
--- Antagonist: Alona Tal as...
Greed, for Lack of a Better Word, is Good (Villain Draft 3) 
    Lex Luthor (DC, Male, Morally Questionable) 
    Larfleeze (DC, Male) 
Hell on Wheels (Villain Draft 3) 
    Megatron (Indie, Non Comcis Source, Marvel, Male) 
    Vengeance (Marvel, Male, Morally Questionable) 
Spacefarers (Hero Draft 3) 
    Martian Manhunter 
    Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) 
    Commander Shepard (FemShep) 
    Captain Comet 
Fables (DC Adaptation Draft) 
--- Story Arc: Fables: Legends in Exile 
--- Protagonist: Richard Armitage as Bigby Wolf 
--- Antagonist: Mark Strong...

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