DC Animation Legend Bruce Timm Steps Down?


Bruce Timm, who has been guiding the vast majority  of DC animated since the debut of Batman: The Animated Seriesin 1992, has stepped down from his position as producer, initially to have focused his energies on Green Lantern: The Animated Series and, more significantly, to develop some of his own projects. Stepping into his place as supervising producer is James Tucker. I’m still hoping this is some cruel early April fool’s joke.


This news comes from VFK who have a lot of interesting quotes from Tucker. Some of which are quite disheartening while others are somewhat optimistic. Read one particular quote below.


“I can’t think of any other classic DC stories that I want to adapt, and I’m not big on adapting stuff anyway. Once you’ve done Dark Knight Returns, that’s the ultimate DC adaptation. So my attitude is, ‘OK, this leaves me open to doing interpretations of characters and stories,’ so what we’ll be doing with Flashpoint is kind of changing the dynamic a little bit. Doing things that are based on characters and situations from the comics, but not literal adaptations. They’ll be more like original stories along the lines of what we did with Green Lantern: First Flight and Wonder Woman. There won’t be as many literal adaptations. That’s a step in the right direction, because this is a Flash focused story, and it’s probably the only Flash focused story that would sell, because there is a version of the Justice League involved.


If this turns out to be true, which given its date I’m strongly considering it is not, then it will indeed be a dark day for DC Animation. Here’s a bit of hope from WB PR guru Gary Miereanu “Bruce Timm is stepping away from the DCU Animated Original Movies for a bit … but he’ll be back – in a very big way.”



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