Bruce Timm Confirms GLTAS Cancellation Due to Lack of Merchandising?


Merchandising. That is the reported killer of Green Lantern: The Animated Series. We’ve assumed as much for a long time, and now a report from Bleeding Cool seems to have confirmed that straight from the show’s creator/executive producer, Bruce Timm.

Bruce Timm, like many of us, was disappointed with Cartoon Network’s decision to not pick-up Green Lantern the Animated Series for second season since he said it was one the best things he’s ever worked on, and considering his career, that’s saying something. Anyway, I asked if it really came to down to the lack of merchandising sales, as Bleeding Cool had previously reported regarding Young Justice. He said yes. Since the Ryan Reynolds’ film, retailers were stuck with film merchandise that just wasn’t selling. This lead to those retailers being very reluctant, if not downright refusing, to any carry merchandise from the Animated Series. Therefore, a lack of sales on that front lead to a lack revenue for an admittedly expensive CG Series.




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