Bruce Timm Comments on DC Nation Cancellations


At last night’s red carpet premiere for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 2, Cartoon Network’s cancellation of Young Justice & Green Lantern the Animated Series was brought up with some of the heavy hitters at WB Animation, including GLTAS producer Bruce Timm.

The following are quotes from GLTAS Producer Bruce Timm, former Justice League cartoon writer Bob Goodman, and all around WB Animation director Andrea Romano.


Bruce Timm:“I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly. We do have the new Teen Titans show and the Batman show coming up. Hopefully those will do very well and kinda keep the DC animation thing going on TV. Beyond that, you know,  I don’t know. It’s kind of an interesting time. I’m gonna keep busy doing stuff. I’ve got several things in development at Warner Bros., so you know fingers crossed.”


Bob Goodman:“I’m really not the guy to ask in terms of what they’re gonna do at Warner Animation again. Bruce might be a great guy to ask about that. I personally would like a crack at writing these in the live action feature world, but we’ll see if I ever get that chance.”


Andrea Romano:“I would really like to see something that’s more female oriented. Whether its for the female audience or there are more female characters in it. I just would like to see something that’s a little bit more geared towards that audience. I think something else will come up. I don’t think they will be able to let it (DC Nation) go entirely. They just can’t. There’s too much demand by the fans and they wanna see more stuff than just these home videos. These only come out maybe, what, 2 a year. I think there’s a demand for  more.”



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