What Superhero would make the Best Gambler?

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Well comic book fans it’s time to answer the question we all know you have been thinking about!  Which super hero would be the best gambler!  We have decided to have a look at this and here’s what we came up with

The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern of course has a power ring as well as a power lantern that means they can have a huge amount of control over the physical world as long as the person who has it is strong enough willpower to have it.  It is very dangerous and is one of the most powerful tools in the world.  What could the Green Lantern do with the ring to make it advantageous in terms of gambling?  In a real life situation – it could allow the Dealer to manipulate the hands at Blackjack, give themselves a better hand at Poker – in fact it could even make sure that the ball lands in the correct place when playing Roulette.  As long as you are strong – you could do virtually anything with it.

The Flash

Well folks the Flash lives up to his name and can travel at warp speed.  Although this may not help him with online gambling – you can be sure he can whiz about from table to table at a casino!  There isn’t a huge benefit with this super power – as speed isn’t something that is generally required when placing a bet or spinning on a slot game – but one thing’s for sure – if trouble were ever to ensue at a casino or bingo hall – he could make his way out there fast!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman although a fictional comic book character has been an inspiration to females.  Some of her powers include an indestructible bracelet and she even has had an invisible aeroplane!  We think the power that would help her more in terms of gambling is the Lasso of Truth that she possesses.  With this – she can make anyone at any given time tell the truth!  She could definitely use this to her advantage when gambling – especially when trying to figure out if someone is bluffing at the poker table!  If she ever did get into trouble – she could fight the villain off with her weaponry and then jump in her invisible plane and fly away!  It’s possible that Wonder Woman would participate in playing bingo – it is certainly very popular in her demographic!  If you want to find out more about bingo visit this new bingo sites and get a lot of tips that will help you win.
We think Wonder Woman would be the best gambler.  Probably because bingo is something that she would have enjoyed anyway and if she did venture to the casino – she could absolutely make sure that she got the truth out of those dealers!

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