What Does Forever Evil Mean for the Future of Green Lantern?


Our pals over at Collected Editions discovered a gem of a quote from DC Comics’ Co-Publisher Dan Didio about how the “Forever Evil” tie-in stories will be collected. As you know, excluding Earth 2‘s issue, the spotlighted villains during September are Black Hand, Mongul, Sinestro and of course the newly created threat that is Relic. Find out what Didio said and how it relates to the future of our favorite lanterns.


Maybe DC is still deciding which one shots deserve collections but this quote makes it quite clear that we’re going to be getting a blast from the past. Either Sinestro, Black Hand AND/OR Mongul will be popping up in the future some time after Relic. We also know that after “Lights Out”, the lantern books will be telling their own stories for a while. In an exclusive interview with us(coming soon!), Green Lantern: New Guardians writer Justin Jordan said that he plans on telling about 3 stories (that vary in length) post-crossover.

So, which is it? Or is it all of them? Black Hand seems like the longshot, given the events of Geoff Johns’ finale. It also feels a bit soon to deal with Sinestro so soon but you know his tie-in issue will sell well so its chances of being collected are high regardless of possible followups. Green Lantern #23.2 features Mongul and while Jim Starlin would probably feel right at home in the GL universe, I just can’t picture him becoming a major character in the new era. At least not so soon. Speaking of creative teams, the only one that stands out is current Red Lanterns writer Charles Soule will also be writing the Black Hand issue. So maybe there’s something to be said of his return after all?

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