Warriors Bar…and More?

Do you ever wonder if Guy’s Warrior’s bar (probably the Oa one) ever had a casino in it? If it did have one, what would it be like? Would it have slots? Traditional American card games? Would it include alien forms of gambling, or would Guy pretty much want it to be a recreation of what he remembers and probably loved on Earth? Would that even be something the Guardians would condone?

I tend to suspect not (on paper, at least), but then again they seem to turn a blind eye to a lot of Green Lanterns’ recreational activities. The idea of Green Lanterns secretly gambling in the shadows constantly looking over their shoulders is an amusing mental image.
Additionally, if Warrior’s did have a casino, would they be essentially a casino online for real money? Since the Green Lantern Corps members don’t necessarily get paid by the Guardians or really by anybody (although they could easily fabricate money with their rings, or play with glowy green money) beyond simple “thank yous” and maybe not even necessarily that.
Now, who would be the biggest winners? Who would be the biggest… well, losers? One could probably imagine Guy himself being a bit of a hustler, cleaning up the tables and such (or routinely going in big… and losing big, regularly). Hal would probably take calculated risks. John, perhaps a card counter. Kyle perhaps just being exceedingly lucky, game after game (to the others’ annoyance). No matter how it shakes out, the Green Lanterns should probably take their rings off before placing their bets.
Though… is a casino even something that Green Lanterns should be going to? I say why not.



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