VIDEO: Red Lanterns Bleez & Dex Starr Featured in “Justice League: Action” Reel at Comic Con

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us and while the cosplay and panels are great, its always something special when you get to see some action. That’s just what we’ll be getting with the new Cartoon Network show entitled “Justice League: Action” Below you’ll see the first footage of the show, including Red Lanterns Bleez and Dex-Starr!


How do you top that? You can’t. Not yet at least, but word for BoA comes that not one but two Star Trek veterans will be voicing characters for the show. Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Michael Dorn will be voicing the leader and Mr. Rage himself, Atrocitus while Armin Shimerman will be voicing Zilius Zox who is just racking up animated appearances these days. Josh Keaton announced that he’ll be returning to voice Hal Jordan in the series so, all around, a pretty good reason for lantern fans to get excited for the show!

First Look at Green Lantern & Star Sapphire Designs (via BoA)

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