Two Comic Movies I Would Like to See Made

Everyone is still buzzing about The Avengers movie and everything connected to the film is getting all kinds of hype, including things as obscure as the Iron Man flash casino game online. While I enjoyed The Avengers, I am ready to move on to the next big comic book movie. There are still a bunch of stories I would love to see on the big screen and below are the two live action movies I would love to see made.

Secret Wars

Hardcore comic fans from the 80’s just went “oh hellz yeah” on this one. For those of you that aren’t cultured in classic comics, look it up on Wikipedia. The rest of us know that this would be a kick ass movie with all of the major Marvel comic players and then some.

The only downside to making this movie would be getting all the actors that have played the characters in other Marvel Comics movies to do this one. I think it could be done if the price to the actors was right and the movie is done in the next few years before some of them begin to get too old for the role.

Wonder Woman

The only one of the “big three” in the DC Universe to not have their own live action movie is Wonder Woman. The good news is that there is going to be another attempt to make this film with one of the writers of Green Lantern currently working on the script. Joss Whedon will not be tied to the Wonder Woman movie in any way.

I hope they don’t screw this up by choosing a woman that just looks good and cannot pull off the actual character. Also, we have got to have a Linda Carter cameo regardless of how the movie is done. Even better, why not have her as Diana’s mother. That would be a great way to bring the TV series and the movie full circle so to speak.

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