Top 5: Wanted Replacements for Geoff Johns on Green Lantern


So the big news is out! Geoff Johns is leaving Green Lantern with issue 20 in May(along with every other lantern creator). Well, with no time to grieve, the members of the Green Lantern Corps Podcast were forced to pick their top 5 choices to replacement the long running writer. Its all wishful thinking.


ERIC: Hard to pick replacements when you’re essentially limited to whoever is left in DC’s stable…

5. Grant Morrison (Action Comics, Batman Incorporated)

4. Andrew Kreisberg/Greg Berlanti/Marc Guggenheim (JLA’s Vibe, Green Lantern Movie Prequels)

(Essentially the production team of Arrow)

 3. Ivan Brandon (Men of War, Viking)

(And a two way tie for first place….)

1. Gail Simone/Judd Winick (Batgirl, The Movement/Catwoman, Green Lantern)

ANDREW: This is fantastic news.

5. Andy Diggle (Action Comics, Daredevil)

4. Judd Winick (Catwoman, Green Lantern)

3. Paul Jenkins (Batman: The Dark Knight, Spectacular Spider-Man)

2. Mark Waid (The Incredible Hulk, Incorruptible)

1. Grant Morrison (Action Comics, Batman Incorporated)


BRANDANShocked. I expected another 30 issues at least.

5. Sean Gordon Murphy (Joe the Barbarian, Punk Rock Jesus)

4. Nathan Edmondson (Grifter, Who is Jake Ellis?)

3. James Robinson (Earth 2, Shade)

2. Sterling Gates (Hawk & Dove, Vibe)

1. Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman, Spaceman)

FRANKIE: These are my picks from current writers on DC’s payroll.

5. James Robinson (Earth 2, Shade)

4. Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman, Before Watchmen: Rorschach)

3. Gail Simone (Batgirl, The Movement)

2. Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Green Arrow)

1. Scott Snyder (Batman, American Vampire)

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