Top 5 Things We Learned from Sam Humphries’ WonderCon Snapchat Takeover


It’s been a while since we did a list but that’s because we’re big believers in the more bang for your buck motto around here. More words means a happier reader, right? Whatever. I don’t believe you anyway. I’m stalling. Let’s get to this list of things Green Lanterns writer Sam Humphries spilled during his time running the DC Comics Snapchat at WonderCon this Saturday.


The majority of this list will be deleted from the ether soon, so be a good sport and checkout DC’s Snapchat (DCHQ) in full while you can! Still, I think this image sums up just how awesome and creative cosplayers truly are. I just don’t know where they get the time and money for it all!

“I love their talent. I love their dedication!” – Sam Humphries

4. GREEN LANTERNS will crossover with a major DC Universe event

Briefly, Humhpries mentions after a bunch of “big” things happen, we’ll get a “really big DC Universe storyline”. Then he went mum out of fear from the DC Public Relations snipers. They exist btw. Highly skilled snipers who tapped all our communications to make sure we let no good info reach your brain. Yep. This is why you should continue visiting TheGreenLanternCorps.com because we’re putting our lives at risk! Maybe.

3. Frank Laminski aka The Phantom Lantern WILL RETURN!

“I love Frank Laminski, I love The Phantom Lantern. We are planning his return right now, it’s going to be great!”

2. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz will meet The Green Lantern Corps! And die???

“You’re going to want to check out GLs 22-24 where Simon and Jessica got to Mogo. They’re gonna meet John and Guy and Kilowog and Kyle!” Humphries also took the time to mention that he didn’t mention a certain well known member of the GLC…But wait, there’s more!

“In our (EXTRA SIZED 25th) Anniversary issue Simon and Jess go to the vault of secrets and they are not coming back! I am not joking, they DO NOT COME BACK FROM THIS MISSION!”

What do we have to look forward to after the extra sized 25th issue of Green Lanterns? “All I can say is, that its not on Earth. The first seven Green Lanterns…Volthoom and a destroyed Power Ring. The story gets big and bigger and bigger and bigger. Simon and Jess are gonna go through the ringer. I’m sorry.”

1. Geoff Johns will never stop rocking that Green Lantern hat!

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