Top 3 Gambling Movies on Netflix

I wish I could whip up program code for aggregate movie views across all platforms to see which movies about gambling got the most views in 2020. Learn how to gamble successfully gaining casino experience and knowledge.

But alas, I’m not a programmer and there doesn’t seem to be such an esoteric code available on the fly for people like me. But that’s ok. I originally set out to figure out the top three in general for the year, but we’ll just check Netflix reports, and then I’ll mention what I think are the top three all-time as well.

The Top 10 most-watched Netflix Originals are all non-betting related. Extraction leads the way with 99 million views, followed by Birdbox at 89 million. Then we have shows like Lupin with 70 million viewers and Cobra Kai Season 3 with 41 million.

Upon digging and digging for specific view stats, I came up with absolutely nothing on movies outside the top Netflix views all-time, which didn’t include any gambling movies. That said, I think that it’s safe to say that Uncut Gems is most likely the highest viewed movie about gambling on Netflix in 2020 – and no, the stats for this one were not listed either.

So, although I doubt it’s anywhere near the all-time most viewed on Netflix, as movies like Casino are a part of Netflix’s expansive content list, we’ll just drop it here at No. 1 for 2020.

Uncut Gems

When I was looking for specific Netflix stats on this movie, I ran into a lot of people who also ask results with questions like, ‘is Uncut Gems the worst movie ever?’ And ‘is Uncut Gems even worth watching?’

Now, I have to say that I rather enjoyed this movie. Would I list it on my all-time casino/gambling favorites? Absolutely not. But I did like the film and the manic nature of Adam Sandler’s lead character. The film follows an exotic gem dealer and actually has a really cool transitional opening using the black opal that is the main subject of the movie.

Sandler is in deep with his bookie, who is also an in-law and is basically robbing Peter to pay Paul the entire film. But he puts together a player prop parlay on Kevin Grant – he probably used this parlay calculator to figure his winnings and make the decision– that would payout like a winning lottery ticket. Spoiler alert, the ticket hits, but things don’t go as planned.

This film really highlights the impact that degenerate gambling can have on family, friends, and life in general.

So, is it worth watching? I think so.

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Casino Royale

Yes, it’s a bond movie. But it literally has Casino in the name. The original publication of this story was back in 1953 as a novel. The storyline follows James Bond’s antics as he gambles in a casino in Royale-Les-Eaux. But Bond is not a degenerate, he is just so good at everything that he does that his intentions with gambling are to bankrupt his foe, the French Communist Union Treasurer, who is also a shadow member of the Soviet State Intelligence.

Of course, the latest iteration is a remake of the 1967 adaptation of the novel. Ad prior to 2019, you couldn’t watch Bond films on Netflix, only Hulu. But really, Hulu? Who wants to pay for a streaming service to still watch commercials? One word: lame.

Win it All

This 2017 film was added to Netflix’s list of streamable content and features New Girl star, Jake Johnson. The plot follows a gambling addict whose day job is a parking attendant at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Eddie (Johnson) is given a mysterious bag by a local thug who is going to serve a prison term. He’s offered 10,000 dollars to hold the bag but not look inside.

After agreeing to the deal, Eddie inevitably looks in the bag and finds a lot of money along with tools and knick-knacks. So, what does a ‘recovering’ gambling addict do? Well, dip into the bag and end up losing lots of money …

My Top 4

  • Casino
  • White Men Can’t Jump
  • 21
  • Molly’s Game

The 1995 Scorsese gangster epic has to be near the top of everyone’s list. But I’m also a sucker for the stories behind successful people in real life. 21 is based on real-life events and so is Molly’s Game. But for me, a close second to Casino is street hustler classic, White Men can’t Jump. Not only is it about gambling and using humor to touch on some pretty heavy social subjects, but it’s also just an all-around entertaining flick to watch in a Casino subject, since many people like Casinos and some even go to Casino sites online to play, since this are really popular now a days.

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