Top 10 Things We Learned from Tim Seeley’s Green Lanterns Interview

(Editor’s Note: The interview has been uploaded! Go take a listen here!)


I know, I know. Another list on another favorite website of yours. Don’t fret, we’re not those guys. This list is actual content! This list is a top ten (that could have been thirty plus) of things we learned from our exclusive interview with upcoming Green Lanterns writer Tim Seeley. While you wait for that interview to drop into your podcast feed, dive into this quick list of ten things we found very interesting. Here’s a hint, that interview was so juicy, we may drop another list just because we can (and because we truly are those guys now). Potential spoilers below!

10. When pressed, Tim Seeley chose Kyle Rayner over Hal Jordan

I know what you’re thinking. Who cares? Aren’t you silly fans over this petty feud by now? Don’t you see them as equals yet? And my response to that is an obvious, NO. Of course Seeley’s opinion on the matter may not matter any time soon with him being the writer of the title that does not include either of these characters, but hey, a crossover may happen and if/when it does, Kyle fans will be a bit less worried that Seeley will punch the ticket of their favorite lantern in favor of the test pilot.

“I was a huge fan of Grant Morrison’s JLA run…Kyle Rayner is the Green Lantern that I grew up on. It informed what I want to do with it….He’s an artist!” – Tim Seeley

9. Seeley is not opposed to drawing an issue of Green Lanterns

The Hack/Slash creator is also an artist if you didn’t know and when asked if he’d be up for drawing Simon and Jessica…he pretty much said maybe, but for good reasons!

“I would definitely do a cover someday. I wouldn’t want to stomp on the guys that already do this. I would love to. Someday!” – Seeley

8. Simon Baz will look for love!

Simon Baz is a young handsome man. Well, young at least. And upcoming writer Tim Seeley wants to show Simon some love! Simon will get out on the dating scene…as much as he can, given his religious beliefs and family issues that come with that.

7. The Three Headed Monster Remains

The three man team of Robson Rocha, Carlo Barberi and Ronan Cliquet will continue delivering the super goods to the book on a bi-weekly basis. This is particularly surprising given how far removed we are from the start of the series. Seeley mentioned that the artists have a great report with the editors and no one will argue against consistency, even at the cost of conflicting styles. (Pro tip: Listen to the interview when Seeley discusses how he deals with writing for three drastically different artists on one book)

6. Tim Seeley Pitched Crazy Stories to the Editors

When Seeley was offered the Green Lanterns title (be sure to catch that story when the interview drops), he pitched crazy stories to the editorial team…and they picked the craziest one!

“I have more freedom on Green Lanterns than Nightwing so far…It’s freeing. When you read the Bolphunga one, there’s some things I didn’t think they’d let me do.” –¬†Seeley

5. Don’t Expect The Flash (or Justice League) to Involved Anytime Soon

While Seeley is a huge Superman fan, he’s not so much a fan of The Flash. Granted, we don’t know which Flash he was referring to, but we didn’t think it wise to push it. As for the rest of the League, Seeley admits that because we see them interact with Jessica and Simon on a biweekly basis, there’s less of a need to have them show up in Green Lanterns. Sounds legit.

“Flash is cool…the one I sorta least understand is The Flash. I’m sure I could think of something cool.”

4. Genres. Genres. Genres.

We all know the Green Lantern books are superhero stories and we really know they are sci-fi stories. But when asked what particular genres his Green Lanterns run would fall under, Seeley included those two of course and added:

“Its a cop story first, and a slice of life story second.”

3. Tim Seeley is not One of Us.

Yes, Tim Seeley grew up reading the famed and acclaimed O’Neil/Adams run of Green Lantern/Green Arrow and yes, his brother collected the series when Kyle Rayner creator Ron Marz was writing the book, but make no mistake, he was not a diehard GL lover from the start. He’s not a fantern?! Where’s my pitchfork?

“I was never like a super huge fan”

2. Geoff Johns Originally Pitched Green Lanterns…

So we all know Geoff Johns masterful mind was used to help guide DC’s “Rebirth” launch. Did you know that it was the DC Entertainment CCO’s own mind that came up with the Lethal Weapon esque story idea for Green Lanterns? Well know you do. Simon and Jessica. Riggs and Martaugh. Same difference, right?

1. Don’t Expect Any Crossovers with Robert Venditti…Yet

“As far as official plans (for a crossover), Rob and I have talked about it. Its something we could possibly do but with Metal going and so many plans we have for Green Lanterns, its not in the immediate cards. I’m sure we’ll get to it. It’s a balance we have to do. That’s the beautiful thing about a shared universe. It’s all there to use if you want to.”

Oh, I’m sorry. Did you breeze past that list as if it weren’t enough content for you? Too bad. No, I’m kidding. Here’s some bonus tidbits from the interview to tide you over until we release it in full for you!

Seeley is intentionally not using the rainbow corps of villains with new characters being created in 3 out of the first 4 arcs.

“If you’re a cop on Earth, you deal with so much bullshit paperwork and bureaucracy, I want to bring some of that real into it. I don’t want to get too realistic where I deal with police overreach. Not going into the boring side, but add layers of detail.”

“I would love to use some of the 4th World stuff, The Kirby stuff is my favorite DC stuff. If I can use any of that stuff, I would love to.”

“Green Lantern is always about discovery and fear. Hal is the test pilot. he risks his life for exploration and overcomes that. For Jessica and Simon, its the same thing. For Simon, people fear him, he has to deal with the fact that he lives in a world where people see his religion and are fearful. His discovery is how does he play a hero when he has this “terrorist” past?”

There. No more. Wait until we drop the interview/podcast and you’ll get even more from upcoming writer Tim Seeley!

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