01.25.99 (Monday)

"Ninja Turtles: Transcension" update 12:12am PDT
Dawn Coll has written Chapter 2 of "Transcension," this chapter having Raphael and Michaelangelo from the Mirage/Image comics going on a romp in an alternate dimension with the Ninja Turtles of the Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation TV show and taking on the Dragon Lord and his Rank. Read it here.

TMNT & More Strangeness Update
In the coming attractions section (here) on the Palladium Books site, the shipping date for "TMNT & More Strangeness" has yet again been bumped (this is getting ridiculous... this book was supposed to originally ship "Fall 97"), this time from the seemingly cemented January 29th date to a vague "late February"... but don't cross your fingers on "late February" either.

01.23.99 (Saturday)

News? What news? 12:31am PDT
Not a whole lot has been happening on the TMNT front. As reported earlier, until further notice, January 29th is still the date "TMNT & More Strangeness" will begin shipping from Palladium Books.

Chronology updated
The timeline(s) in the chronology section have been updated with the coming of 1999.

01.10.99 (Sunday)

Screenplay section up 7:15pm PDT
A section outlining most of my screenplay-related tidbits is now up. See it here.

01.03.99 (Sunday)

TMNT movie #4 tidbit 9:25pm PDT
While another TMNT fan, Jonathan Peck, has written a screenplay entitled "TMNT 4: Mutacide" I understand is currently being read by an agent, I might as well let it be known that I have been busy doing my own take on it. If my vision of TMNT movie #4 comes to pass (Hollywood is Hell - let's just cross our fingers), expect to see a much darker film than the first trilogy, one with an urban, gritty feel akin to The Crow and Spawn, with the pace of the Lethal Weapon series. It will be true to the Turtles, particularly the Mirage and Image comics, but it is a coming of age story, having the Turtles come to terms with their place in the world. They grow up, and act like it (don't expect any "hey dudes" or "shelladellics" or "totally awesomes" in it (though there is humor used, just sparingly). It's based somewhat loosely on the Mirage comics' "City at War" story arc, though with much borrowed from classic Japanese films. I don't want to give away too many details in this space, as there are a number of surprises throughout, but feel free to ask me questions.

12.26.98 (Saturday)

TMNT #22 in PREVIEWS 12:25am PDT
A "Lady Shredder" vs. Raph for control of the New York Foot Clan? See the cover & featured blurb here. The forthcoming #19, #20, and #21 can be found here as well, now available in larger, higher quality form via thumbnails.

Ninja Turtles IV update!
Michael Dooney spoke to me briefly in an E-mail dated 12/24 of his involvement in doing designs for the forthcoming (or not?) fourth Turtles movie. See what he had to say here.

Animated NT:TNM situation grim
Michael Dooney said this in his E-mail to me on 12/24 in regard to my query about the status of an animated incarnation of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation:

"Sorry but there is no TMNT cartoon in the works that is some kind of urban myth!"

12.19.98 (Saturday)

TMNT #18 released! 12:12am PDT
Leo's confrontation with King Komodo continues, leading to the apparent biting off of his left hand. Some more of Leatherhead, and it seems the Turtles' lair may have been discovered. All related sections on this site have been updated accordingly.

Tiger handheld game released
The Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Tiger handheld game, based on the TV show, has been now appearing in stores.

12.11.98 (Friday)

DTMNT Update 7:14pm PDT
Version .55 is now available in beta form. Click here for the current version of the emulator, and grab the ROMs you need to play it here.

TMNT & More Strangeness Update
In a recent press release (here) on the Palladium Books site, it seems cemented that the "TMNT & More Strangeness" RPG sourcebook (also considered "TMNT & Other Strangeness, Second Edition") will be shipping January 29th in 1999.