The Return of Parallax? Bet on It


I’m not necessarily a betting man, but if I was… I would bet that one day, somehow some way, Hal Jordan will once again be Parallax. Wait, I don’t mean the space parasite or Living Incarnation of Fear kind (and certainly not the movie kind, either), I mean the Parallax that was actually driven to kill some Green Lanterns (not the Guardians, though… I don’t know why he keeps getting the rap for that… they clearly suicided right in front of him and it’s like two decades later and people still think that he did).

The perfect opportunity is now. You don’t see it? Doesn’t it seem funny, from a story perspective, how almost every big comic book event at DC, Hal and his past ends up being a little bit cleaner? Right now, with Rebirth. I bet the Hal/Parallax we saw in Zero Hour would be damn happy with what he’s seeing right now: Barbara walking again, most/all deaths undone on-betting websites … these are all things that he promised in that storyline, and it’s all been happening so slow we (possibly) haven’t noticed it happening.
Or maybe that’s the plan? All this hubbub about Oz and Dr. Manhattan might be a ruse to keep readers off the scent of the true force behind all the recent changes and development: Parallax. But what would the endgame be? I mean, what, the heroes find out Hal’s plan, that he’s been playing them the whole time, and fight him again? I guess that could happen. No matter what, though, I’m absolutely betting there’s more to “Rebirth” than meets the eye.

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  1. Trey Strain

    I dunno. Somehow that seems to me like 49 year old Bill Goldberg returning to wrestling after a 12 year absence and demolishing Brock Lesnar. I’m supposed to be excited, but I’m not.

  2. Kane2814

    I like the idea that “Rebirth” (a theme that started with Hal Jordan – hmmm..) is Parallax’s doing in some way, but we don’t need for Hal to become Parallax again – he’s been around in this universe since GL #50, not long ago…..


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