The Green Lantern Corps Cast #129 – Invitations w/ Van Jensen

The Green Lantern Corps Podcast Episode 129


TheGreenLanternCorps.com proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern! Back again is the Corps Cast and this time they’re talking with Green Lantern Corps writer Van Jensen. In this exclusive interview Van reveals a great deal of things coming up for the title and as usual, things get a bit weird when the guys loosen up. Still not listening yet? Fine, here are a few teasers about what’s in this huge interview:

– Durlans will build off what was there before but will be “twisted” with new elements.
– There’s some really interesting stuff coming up with Soranik Natu. “She’s a really interesting character”
– GLC Annual and GL #27 will focus on Soranik and other lanterns.
– Sodom Yat will be returning! There have been very recent Sodom Yat discussions. Likely to have a redesign.
– Van Jensen talks about scheduling issues as a replacement writer.
– Van discusses how much is Robert Venditti like Geoff Johns as Green Lantern showrunner.
– Van says Robert Venditti decided to make each lantern book a central focus of each lantern event.
– How tailored are Van’s scripts to Bernard Chang’s style and preference?
– Coffee or Vodka? Van Jensen is a scotch man. Recommends “Isle of Skye”
– Van talks about the role changes for John Stewart, Salaak, Soranik and general morale of the corps.
– We will see the John/Fatality develop over the next 6 months. Right now they are still in their “honeymoon phase” of the relationship.
– Will we see the Green Lantern Corpse? Quick Answer: February!
– Van Jensen gives his ideal cast for Green Lantern Corps and gives his least favorite earth lantern.
– Jensen praises the hard work and unbelievable scheduling power of “Red Lanterns” writer Charles Soule.
– First real exposure to John Stewart was GL: Mosaic
– How much research of John Stewart has he done? “I’ve pretty much read every comic he’s ever appeared in.”
– We reminisce on crazy Green vs Yellow moments.
– Van details how Green Lantern Corps got involved in Zero Year.
– Is Van Jensen the next Chris Claremont?
– Van compares the current Green Lantern problems to police corruption.
– Will we see Evil Star? January sees Evil Star get a new look.
– Will we see more of John’s past?
– Van and Rob have plans to answer the logical questions about off duty Green Lanterns.
– Will the “Larfleeze” series become more involved with the other lantern titles? No, they want to keep Keith’s tone and bringing that in wouldn’t benefit anyone.
– Someone, no names will be given here, makes things a bit awkward with a weird invitation about Comic-con.
– Van did a Rot-Lop-Fan standalone issue to help land the Green Lantern Corps gig.
– Van Jensen discusses his time at the Warner Bros. Comic Con party.

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  1. Bruna

    I always tughoht the Green Lantern was cool because the ring gave him his powers and all you had to be was someone of integrity. These days there’d be some slim pickings for Green Lanterns. Wait! Did you just talk about jerking off to a fish? Maybe I better rewind that part


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