Scott Snyder Expands Emotional Spectrum with John Stewart in “Justice League”


The Invisible Spectrum. That’s what new Justice League writer Scott Snyder is calling his addition to the emotional spectrum. While we are still knee deep in his current series Justice League: No Justice, we can still take his quotes below and wonder how they’ll play out. What is it? Well he explains it as all the emotions we don’t like to admit we have, from shame and guilt to some of the darkest. Snyder even mentioned that he “vetted” the idea with the current Green Lantern creatives. Oh, did I mention that Sinestro is also involved in this Invisible Spectrum? Yep. I mean, no I didn’t, but yes, that’s correct. Also, this is all in the first arc of the series launch!


Snyder further defining the Invisible Spectrum and Sinestro’s role in it:

Like murderous hatred. Not just “rage” or “anger,” which are things that we process and understand, like the Red Lanterns and Atrocitus and so on. But these things are much, much darker. You know? So dark that they sort of exist almost off the bandwidth, off the perceptive bandwidth. And what we learn very on is that Sinestro might have been hunting these things for a long time, even before he was a Green Lantern.

We know the Legion of Doom is coming, so where does the Invisible Spectrum come in? Snyder answers:

I know this is a slightly different thing, but every arc, we want to expand on two characters and mythologies, where we show you how their history, their powers, their pasts, all of it is bigger and more mysterious and wondrous and terrifying than you thought. So this first arc is very much focused on John Stewart/Green Lantern and also on Flash, and we discover that there’s this Still Force in addition, embedded within the Speed Force.

So to give you a sense, this is the first five to six issues, with the Invisible Spectrum, the Still Force, and something comes from the Source Wall that changes the game and everything.

All this drama with John Stewart, the current leader of the Green Lantern Corps. How will that effect him in his usual series? Or will it at all?

Yeah, you’ll see that by the second arc. You’ll see things in Justice League playing out in other books that wanted to be a part of it. I’m really, really thrilled at the way Justice League is coming together. I could not be more grateful to DC for giving me the chance to do it the way I’m doing it. I couldn’t be more grateful to the partners I have on it, between Jim Cheung, Jorge JimĂ©nez and everyone else.



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