Rumor: Hal Jordan, John Stewart and KYLE RAYNER to Feature in “Green Lantern Corps” Movie


2020 seems like a long time from now, but considering how long special effects take to get just right, it probably makes sense for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to narrow down some major details of the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film. We’re in 2016 and today, well today we have super hot rumor that the title already spoiled for you featuring 3 major Green Lanterns. And not the three you may have thought of.

Coming from the hit or miss but usually hit movie site Latino-Review, is this latest rumor about a major character detail and a big character feature.


The Green Lantern Corps movie in 2020 won’t just feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart–the two most popular Green Lanterns–but also Kyle Rayner was name-dropped as a third Green Lantern from Earth to appear in the film. Another big takeaway is the age of these Lanterns, namely Hal Jordan. who the studio wants to be in the age range of, say, Matt Damon. The other two will be younger.


Whoa. So, Hal Jordan would (ALLEGEDLY) be a veteran lantern at the start of this movie with both John and Kyle skewing younger. Kyle, we expected would be young whenever (or rather if ever) he showed up, but I think a young John Stewart would come at a surprise to most. Granted, this may just end up being clickbait rumor nonsense but I like to think if it were true, then the younger version of John Stewart would probably be fresh out of the military so that gives the director something to play with beyond architecture. Just a thought. Here’s another thought…Matt Damon is 45 years old. Who would you cast as a 45ish Hal Jordan?

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