Rumor: Ethan Van Sciver Taking Over Green Lantern & 3 More Rebirth Books?


So Myron over at BoA, says he spoke to current (but departing) Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion artist Ethan Van Sciver about his future plans. Relevance? Well beyond being one of the highest profile artist to ever grace a lantern interior EVS may be on a lantern title during the DC Rebirth! This is listed as a rumor for now, because its unlikely that we’ll get a response from EVS thanks to DC’s plans still being so secretive and well, creators say a bunch of garbage at conventions sometimes. Hahaha. Read on for the rumor that totally wasn’t spoiled in the headline!

He told me something I couldn’t share. Well what it was, was that after Edge of Oblivion, he was going to be switching over to the main Green Lantern title. And that was what he told me in Baltimore. He did mention this on a forum somewhere so I feel like I can reiterate this publicly. What he said to me was that there was going to be a creative team change on the main Green Lantern book and that he was showing DC that he was doing this monthly series that he could do a monthly book and he was going to be coming out to the main Green Lantern title. He said he was going to be able to pick who the new writer was going to be but he would not share that information with me because none of it was public knowledge and he gave enough to make me say “Darn it Ethan…”


…He’s doing this 80 page book [DC Universe: Rebirth], he’s working on that plus he’s working on, I think, three different books in June for the launch of Rebirth. And then I think he’ll probably do a monthly title after that but I don’t know that for a fact. But because of the work that he’s been asked to do by DC they pulled him off the book [Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion]…

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