Robert Venditti Talks New Lantern Origins & Planning Stories


ComicVine had a short interview with Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti. In it, he discussed new Green Lantern Gorin-Sunn, Simon Baz’s responsibility and briefly talked about how far ahead the writers are in terms of planning the titles. Check out some highlights below.

Venditti on scrapped ideas & planned stories:

We’re still in the first year with me being the writer on the book and when you pitch for a series like this, you tend to go beyond the first arc. You press things out for a good 12 to 18 months before you get green-lighted to begin. There hasn’t been anything that’s gotten scrapped.


Right now, we have a very firm plan of what’s going to happen, across the line, pretty much through December of this year. We know exactly what the stories are. Beyond that, we know in broader strokes where things are continuing to go, but that’s down the line, so we haven’t gotten into specific plotting yet, so from here, we’re looking at around 18 months.

Venditti on new character creation:

For character creation, it’s trying to come up with something that’s new and different. There’s 7,200 lanterns from across the universe. I want to try to reflect that. I don’t want to do anything that feels similar or done before, so with Gorin-Sunn, I wanted to create a character and I thought it would be interesting to have sort of an alien race that was made of sentient energy. What would that mean? We’re going to find out more about Gorin-Sunn over the next five or six issues. He’s going to be sticking around as a character and we’re going to learn more about his background. He can only take shape and have the form he does because of the Green Lantern ring and the backpack on his back that allows him to have a humanoid form; otherwise, he’d just be a puddle. He’s the first person of his race to ever get off of his planet that’s only because he’s been chosen to be a Green Lantern. They all just live in this big lake.


As far as the creation from the art aspect of it just working with Billy and one of the things that he’s the best at is designing new characters and new alien races, and you can see that in the really big splash pages and double page spreads he does where there will be familiar lanterns in the shot but he just populates it with all these aliens in the background and they’re all these unique characters that fill out this image. It’s a lot of fun to design characters with him, and we’ve done that a few times now. Looking at those things, you can see it’s a strong suit with him.

Venditti on if we’ll we see more of Simon Baz:



He’s not just watching over Hal’s brother and family. He’s watching over Earth. What we saw in the GREEN LANTERN/RED LANTERN book, which was GREEN LANTERN & RED LANTERNS #28, now sector 2814 is under control of the Red Lanterns, so they are now the law in that section of space, and the Green Lantern Corps no longer is. As part of that, Hal was able was able to convince them to allow just one Green Lantern to remain on Earth to watch over but that Green Lantern can’t leave the planet or else it violates the treaties they have, so that’s Simon Baz. Baz now is now the Green Lantern of Earth while the Red Lanterns patrol sector 2814. Baz has a big responsibility and as part of that, Hal grabs Baz sort of as a favor because Hal has to go off to war, to watch over his family and make sure they’re safe. What that leads to, we’ll have to wait and see.

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