REVIEW: The Omega Men #3


Here we are once again to examine the space drama following the terrorist group known as the Omega Men. If you’ve read my previous reviews then you know my stance on the short life span of the series. Honestly I’m surprised that I even bothered to read this issue when you factor how unsatisfied I was due to storytelling choices made by the author. Yet despite that I felt compelled to give The Omega Men another chance before ultimately dropping this book from the review pile. So did The Omega Men manage to convince me to stick around or is the final review of the series?

Now I realize that’s impossible for Tom King to have read my first two reviews then took those complaints and addressed them, but that appears to be the case in this instance, but not completely. The entire focus of this issues spotlights seemingly kidnapped then revealed member of The Omega Men, Princess Kalista. Despite barely knowing the original group, King introduces us to Kalista in a way only comics can. Through dialog Kalista’s unique personality shines through automatically drawing your eyes to her. She dashes between the waves of arrogance and confidence beautifully. Given that she is royalty Kalista carries along with her a charisma making each panel with her featured (lucky for us Kalista is in almost every single panel).

To Tom King’s credit the brilliant introduction and detailing of Kalisa while amazing wasn’t the only reason this issue was outstanding. At a glance this issue might seem akin to a normal kidnapping of a royal because of who The Omega Men are. King hasn’t given context prior so why should he now? In this instance the lack of any explanation serves only to enhance the reveal at the end of the issue. With Kalista revealed as the true leader of The Omega Men it made reading this issue in retrospect come off as the perfect inside job.

Having several members of The Omega Men attempt to kidnap her and proclaim that killing her would be easier demonstrates what The Omega Men are capable of. After all the perfect crime is done in front of the eyes of many, I’m most likely speaking out of my own butt here but the sheer brilliance of staged kidnapping worked perfectly. However there was one more key to this magnificent puzzle.

At this point it’s been a sheer pleasure to see how good Barnaby Bagneda is progressing as an artist. While the book continues it’s nine panel grid, it’s clear as day that Bagneda was able to stretch a tad outside of the inclosing panel walls. Namely his panel showcasing the citadel unique architecture. a dirtier world which from my perspective makes this outlandish environment come across as tangible. Not only that but Bagneda finally get’s a chance to have a character act within the art work. Every positive word I’ve said about Kalista is enhanced by the art with Bagneda capturing her in perfect static images. If you weren’t a fan of Bagneda’s art beforehand, this issue should change your mind. Before I forget, his incredible 39 panel fight sequence between Kalista and Tiger member was just awe inspiring with his level of storytelling.

While a majority of my problems with how two out three Omega Men issues still linger into this issues, the positives outweigh the negatives in this case. Kalista adds a much needed spice to book dying for someone to grab the spotlight, which is compelling me read the next issue just to see what she does next.

The Omega Men earns a 4/5

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