REVIEW: The Omega Men #2


One month ago it seems that the majority of people who read The Omega Men #1 loved the issue, with me being one of the detractors. I’m going to be honest, I was prepared to just drop the series after the first issue. After pondering for a while the fate of Kyle Rayner and the hopes that we’ll get some answers on who these characters are and maybe a hint as to why Kyle was killed in the first place. So did Omega Men #2 address the problems I had with the first issue? Let’s see shall we.

For those that were dissatisfied from the vague writing style…that continues with this issue. I’ll give credit to Tom King as he gives the reader some more tangible to grab onto. No one should be expecting a writer to give away all their secrets so early in a story arc, so while I’m still annoyed that I don’t have an idea what the goal of this book, enough is given to me to care more than I did the previous issue.

The idea of religion and religious oppression seems to be the major theme that King wants to push. Within the context of this galactic setting it’s a tad unusual to see. It’s not a commentary on any one religion or another but instead on corruptibility of man when placed in charge of such a behemoth of people. The conflict stems from religion and while it’s clear how the Omega Men are tied into all this, other than they are the good guys and the opposition are the bad guys.

What’s even more frustrating is that we are two issues and I still have no idea who the Omega Men are. When I’m reading a book an interesting premise can only hold me so much. I have to know about the characters I am reading about to care about the situation they are in. From my perspective The Omega Men has failed to make me understand any of the characters, I don’t even know their names. Kyle Rayner is the only character I have a connection with this book and while Kyle had some nice moments including a chilling final page, that doesn’t redeem this book.

Granted that at least two of the members were given a personality but outside of that I couldn’t tell you who these people are or why they holding Kyle hostage.

The true star of this book is the artist Barnaby Bagenda. Most of the story that I managed to deduct was from his beautiful storytelling. His stunning style makes me want to stare at each page for hours. With how the panels are laid out his are may feel a tad compressed but when there’s a splash page and Bagenda let’s the art breathe, it’s a marvelous site to behold.

When Omega Men returns next month I’ll give it one more shot, there are aspects that have me interested and Kyle’s ultimate fate is one of them. If there isn’t a hint of who The Omega Men are and what there actual goal is, then I’m bouncing. I need substance along with the flash.Thankfully the art is good to look it.

The Omega Men #2 earns a 2/5

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