REVIEW: The Multiversity #2

Oh look at that, another finale for a beloved series is now in my finger tips. It’s been no secret that my love for Grant Morrison and his exploration into not only the DC multiverse but the idea of what the superhero means in a larger context. Even though the journey has been a bit muddled, one can’t deny the level of quality that has been put into each individual issue of Muliversity, even the guidebook was amazing. With that being said it’s time to see if Grant sticks the landing.

If there was any issue of a comic, where the term of your mileage may vary is appropriately used. Similar to writing style for Final Crisis, Morrison does not explain every single nuance or mention every detail. From the opening page of Super Demon to the final page of Justice Incarnate, Morrison allows the readers to decide their own individual interpretation of the events. It’s a bold choice and normally it’s a style I personally can follow, but there were several instances where I became lost.

Eventually I was able to find my footing and see the message that he trying to tell. If the subtle message of The Multiversity is something that flies over your head (don’t feel bad about that) it’s hard to not see the absolute love that Morrison has for the absurdity that is the super hero genre. Despite that Crisis occurring within the issue, everything is either silly or extremely over the top. It almost feels like a silver age comic but, with a modern twist. It’s no secret that Morrison reuses themes and ideas just like any other writer, but when it’s used a celebratory tool of just how much fun comics can be I can let the reused ideas slide. A perfect example that embodies his love is Captain Carrot’s heroic and comedic moments.

Despite me being a huge fan of what Morrison does, he doesn’t always hit the landing and Multiversity is a case of MorrisonĀ  skidding on the runway but the passengers are safe. The ending is open ended but the way it’s structured it practically begs for a followup and I doubt that will happen. It was a comment on the nature of superheroes and the never ending battle despite whatever solicit tells you, and it was executed perfectly. It’s just the combination of how mundane the ending was and the never going to title that is Justice Incarnate.

Gushing over Morrison is over, the other half to this beautiful equation is Ivan Reis. I will make this bold claim and say that this issue of Multiversity was the best work of his career bar none. Notably the sheer amount of characters per page and the sheer amount of detail on those characters and the back rounds is just astounding. However what’s even more impressive is that Reis still tells a comprehensive story from start to finish and while most fans will ignore an artist ability to tell a story and simply look at the at face value, this reviewer wont. I never felt lost and his splash pageĀ  moments had weight and impact.

The Multiversity was everything I expected and so much more, this was a love letter to what superheroes can be. That along with some of best artist working in the industry. Now to wait until the glorious hardcover releases later this year.

The Multiversity #2 earns a 4/5

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