REVIEW: The Multiversity #1

Oh boy here we go indeed. I know this isn’t a regular Green Lantern comic, but this is something special. Green Lanterns will be in it, and the best part it’s the Green Lantern of the Multiverse! I will go ahead and put this out there that I am a huge fan of Grant Morrison. I have read and enjoyed most of his work over the years so some might see these reviews as biased. These reviews will be done with an honest opinion, even I don’t always enjoy what Morrison does in superhero comics. So with that being said, let’s get meta physical!

One more thing before this officially get’s underway, these reviews will be done differently due to the format of this book. I won’t be going over page by page and giving thoughts on individual panels before moving to the next thing. Here I will be giving overviews on what I thought of the story, the art, and it’s overall effectiveness.

The Story

After reading this issue it’s clear that this Grant Morrison is channeling his Animal Man self. What I mean by is this book is filled to the brim with meta references to other comic companies and other characters that Morrison himself has created. His overall theme seems to be a commentary on comics, which is what he’s been doing for quite a while. Still nice to see him continue it though. The actual story itself is clearly a sequel to the polarizing Final Crisis mini series, but in unlike Morrison fashion, he explains enough information for new readers to know who some of these people are.

It does help if you’ve read that story, but it’s impossible to say since I’ve read that story recently and knew what was going on. It’s a rather simple premise, but Morrison surrounds with meta text and over the top action that it seems untouchable, but believe me when I say this was pretty straightforward given his track record.

The Art

This issue bring on a familiar face for Green Lanterns fans as Ivan Reis draws all 48 pages of glory in this comic. His pencils feel tighter than the last time I’ve seen his work and I’m not sure if it’s the inker or Reis himself, either way it looks amazing. Reis breathes life into this insane world that Morrison has dropped us in. He excels at the awesome splash pages making feel epic in scope, and even the exchanges between the different characters of the multiverse are fun because of his art. Previously Reis has a problem with his characters having similar facial expressions for each character. That isn’t a problem here as each character looks unique to their given body type, gender, or animal face. Huge step up for Reis in this department.

The conclusion

This book is Morrison being Morrison, if you have never liked his previous work you wont’ like this one. The only problem with the issue as a whole is when Morrison decided to cut to a different Earth and it felt way to jarring. It forces readers to catch up pretty quickly. Other than that The Multiversity #1 is just what I expected to be and more.

The Multiversity #1 earns a 4/5

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