REVIEW: The Green Lantern #6

What happens when Grant Morrison writes himself into one helluva cliffhanger that seems almost impossible to get out of? What happens when you take the dynamic art of Liam Sharp and simplify it? What happens to the reader of a review when they’re bombarded with questions? Lets find out in this review of the latest chapter of The Green Lantern.

Sorry, one more question…HOW THE HELL CAN HAL JORDAN ESCAPE THIS SITUATION?! The answer is simple but its definitely deflating. Last issue saw Hal Jordan forced into a tough scenario where he either had to straight up murder a known hero to the universe in Adam Strange or be called out as an infiltrator sent by the Guardians. So it was with baited breath that I waited and waited to see what Grant would do here. I’m not saying I’m disappointed, but I’m genuinely surprised at how pedestrian the outcome was. Moreover, it doesn’t even seem to have any lingering consequences. And I know, I know, shame on me for thinking that Grant Morrison will leave a plot hanging for no reason, but by the end of the issue we’re left with two different cliffhangers that don’t have the stakes of the last issue or match the newly presented U-bomb threat in this one.

Then there’s Liam Sharp. Sharp’s been truly impressive since this series began and that remains true here. While the action of this issue is limited to a poorly paneled blast, its the zoomed in camera work and character shots that Sharp impresses with this round. The Blackstars are fugly. Yeah, FUGLY. And every time they appear on the page, its a testament to Liam’s skill that their presence makes me squirm. And its not just the aliens (which have been the absolute high points of the series), its the panic from Alanna and Adam, the strain from Hal…all of which are just dripping off the page with flair. The Guardians of the Universe show up for exactly one panel, a fairly small one at that, and their superiority complex is beating me to death and they aren’t even doing anything! Its just Liam drawing life into characters. Its a skill a lot of creators never get around to obtaining.

Next time, we get Emerald Sands and hopefully a resolution to a weird ending that left a lot to be desired.

The Green Lantern #6 earns a 3/5

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