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Man where in the world did October go? I’ll tell you where it went, all this excitement of reading Godhead has made this month seemingly speed up. It seems dear reader that the final issue of act 1 has arrived, this time the focus shifts on everyone’s favorite anti-hero/villain Sinestro. Considering the server beat downs, it makes a reader wonder how Cullen Bunn will wrap up act one. How will the story progress with act 2 right around the corner? Let’s not waste anytime and let’s see how Sinestro fits within the grand scheme of Godhead?

The first glaring aspect that anybody will notice when they pick up this issue is that cover says Dale Eaglesham is on interiors, but once you start looking then you can see that this book wasn’t done completely by Eaglesham. While it does say on the credits both Eaglesham and Coccolo were the artist it seems that Coccolo did most of the heavy lifting. When you see an Eaglesham page (mainly those at the start of the comic) it has Eaglesham’s normal flair of steroid inducing characters and detail penciled work.

However once the action picks up on the Indigo’s home world, it appears that Coccolo was the main artist for the second half of the book. Coccolo’s art is still good and he delivers some excellent layouts and fun action sequences, but there were some storytelling problems. The battle became a bit more chaotic, but it’s only brief. The big picture problem here was that I noticed two different artist working on the same book, and it shouldn’t be noticeable. It took me out of the story just enough to see if I was going crazy if Eaglesham had changed his style mid comic book.

From a story standpoint this issue’s pacing felt like someone held the fast forward button. Almost as if they simply wanted act one to be finished with as little exposition as possible. It does establish how Sinestro runs his corps and reminds lapse readers just how ruthless Sinestro can be, plus how much of a strategist he is. It’s not a deep insight to his character, but it establishes a baseline for how he might act for the rest of the crossover.

Sadly the “lantern gets their butts kicked” happens once again, and at this point it’s lost it’s effect. While it’s not nearly as terrible from previous chapters but the result is still the same. Nothing felt like closure here, and even though next issue will be act 2 it still feels like were in act 1. The plot has barely budged since the initial story began and for a three month cross over that doesn’t bode well. The pacing has been the biggest problem so far with the exception of New Guardians. At least this Sinestro didn’t feel like a previous story was interrupted, as Bunn went with the approach of starting the issue already in progress from the Godhead one shot earlier this month.

As a whole Sinestro #6 was a popcorn comic to conclude act 1. Plenty of action with little exposition as it’s serves to set up Sinestro for the rest of this crossover. The art switch is annoying but not much can be done about that when you factor in monthly comics.

Sinetro #6 earns a 3/5

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