REVIEW: Sinestro #23

The final issue of Sinestro’s first ongoing series has come to its conclusion. Does the greatest lantern of two corps go out with a whimper or a bang?!


Decidedly, a whimper. There’s no understating how disappointed I am with this issue of Sinestro. Cullen Bunn is certainly capable of more. However, it’s quite clear the hammer of doom aka the series cancellation came rapidly at him. This issue (and even last month’s issue) are sparse with great content and extremely quick reads. Thankfully, the Red Lantern subplot is addressed early and dealt with quickly, I’m left wondering why it took up those pages at all. I suppose after dealing with The Paling, these final few issues just fell short of my somewhat lofty expectations. This was a good series with some amazing moments and even better art. This issue however, is not a great representation of that. Not in the slightest.

Even the highly praised (by me!) Martin Coccolo seemed less impressive when the highlight of the issue is a big battle between two corps and it lasts all of two pages. Even Coccolo’s storytelling seemed off in this issue. Ranx shows up and its just the worst possible angle to show a city sized lantern entering the fray. Soranik’s expressions are fantastic, except that they never seem to fit the dialogue which leads me to be quite confused as how to interpret her feelings. There’s a scene where Soranik and the Spiritual Leader of New Korugar are speaking and Soranik is just furious with anger, but having the most peaceful conversation. She even apologizes for her own self doubt, but what we see is still just angry red lady. That’s not good.

Speaking of which, weren’t these two on opposite sides of the Sinestro equation last issue? No reviewer should be writing his own “What should have happened was” scenario, but Soranik should have been addressing last issue’s confrontation. The woman accused your father, former leader and known mass murderer and employer of such criminals as being a snake in the grass who is fully willing to use and deceive you. That upset you Sora. Not today though, huh? Today, she’s perfectly fine with the idea. She’s far more concerned that Sinestro’s plans will do harm to the new residents of this planet instead of watching her back or trusting her own feelings.

I assume that the truly forced cliffhanger at the end of this issue is pure setup for whatever Sinestro will be doing in the Rebirth era of DC Comics. It feels completely out of place, but its quite forgivable because you could just assume that with Parallax being below New Korugar that Sinestro will eventually sync up again and do the bad ish he’s known to do. Still, its quite the let down for a series that on a roll just a few issues ago.


Sinestro #23 earns a 2/5

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