REVIEW: Sinestro #22


So the Paling are in the rear view. Black Adam is in the past. Sinestro is dying and Soranik runs the Corps. Where do we go from here? Well that’s the hard part for writer Cullen Bunn. Spoilers ahoy.


Remember all that talk about preferring Walker over Martin Coccolo I did last month? Ignore it. Martin is more than serviceable. He showed his in this issue. He put his foot in it. Blood, sweat and tears were packaged with this issue. I ran out of cliches but the man did the damn thing, okay. From the opening pages its clear, this was the Martin Coccolo show. It’s been a very long time since Dex-Starr looked this good.

Let me dial my excitement back a little. Coccolo certainly draws well enough, but for the second straight issue, he’s not given a whole lot to work with. Sure, everyone’s favorite space cat shines bright and Sinestro’s secret squad handles their business, this issue still falls a little flat. There’s certainly a lot to glean from this issue, but because its such a breezy read through I’m left wondering where the fat is?

At what point am I supposed to realize what’s important and what’s just a minor beat? Is the secret squad equally important as Soranik’s conversation with the Korguarian Priestess? Unlikely. Though both seem superfluous at the end of the day. Don’t we know that Sinestro is the biggest strategist/schemer in the galaxy? I mean as readers, don’t we just know that he’s setting Soranik up for the long con? How much of this conversation is necessary? So many questions. I guess the most important one though would be, why doesn’t Soranik realize this? I find it a bit odd that she’d be so offended at the thought of potentially being a pawn in a Sinestro scheme. She should know better, and to a certain degree, I suppose her storm off with him this issue alludes to that. Still, there’s too many loose angles for my enjoyment.

The Red Lanterns eagerness to throw down with the new heroes of the galaxy rubs me the wrong way as well. Just comes off as “Lets have the two most evil emotional corps face off” and that’s not very interesting. No matter how good Martin Coccolo draws it or how good Blond colors it.


Sinestro #22 earns a 2/5

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