REVIEW: Sinestro #19


Will issue #19 be the same old story for Sinestro and crew? Did Cullen Bunn surprise me as we near the (potential) end of the Paling threat? Can you tell that the best way for teasing a review is to ask questions you already know the answer to? Great. Find out what I thought about all that stuff and more below and don’t be surprised because you’re better than that.

Brad Walker is back baby! Glorious day! I want to scream from a mountaintop about the joy in my heart, the smile on my face and the love that I have deep deep down inside and out for artist Brad Walker’s return. Full return. A complete issue by Walker (and inkers Hennessy and Glapion) comes as a surprise but obviously a good one as these pages are done so well. There are many moments where Cullen Bunn gives this art team the chance to shine and they take full advantage. Sinestro is once the menacing smug @$$hole that he is and Soranik is the beautiful beleaguered alien that she is. It makes a bad story into a decent comic. Special mention to the art team for that amazing Arkillo closeup panel and the Sinestro ring release splash page. Great stuff.

Yeah, this is not good stuff. Its more of the same. More rings on heroes which means more costume changes. That was a cute trick during Blackest Night but not so much 6 or 7 years later in a much smaller release. I say release because the scale is essentially equal to the 2009 event series, with Earth and space being in peril from emotionless characters. I’ll go on record and say Cullen Bunn’s Paling are far more interesting than Geoff Johns’ last second villain Nekron but its still a poor choice to make seven years later when you know someone already beat you to that idea. The Paling continue to attack Earth, Sinestro gets more of DC Comics familiar faces to assist in the effort of defending the world. Yawn. If I wanted panel by panel fights of heroes fighting random creatures, I’d spend my time watching the millions of terribly edited YouTube comic review shows.

What I did find interesting was Sinestro’s use of Saint Walker. Blue Lanterns increase the willpower of Green Lanterns. That’s fact. We didn’t know it was possible to have that effect on any other ring. Apparently, Sinestro is one helluva coaxer because he convinces Saint Walker to do that very unique skill for his corps. Cool. Cullen Bunn should take that path more often. If you’re going to seep yourself within the groundwork that Geoff Johns laid out over his long long long time as head lantern writer, then take what’s there and build on it! Don’t copy. Build.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough of that and more of the same issues are even more prevalent here. If we took out the DC heroes/villains and just kept it to Paling vs Corps, these interactions would be fan-fucking-tastic! If we got more Arkillo reacting to being a “hero”, more Lyssa Drak scratching the eyes out of her enemies and more Soranik guiding her little violent padawan around, then I’d be a happy fan. Well, there’s always next month. After all, its Sinestro vs The Pale Bishop. One can only hope that things get better from here.


Sinestro #19 earns 2.5/5

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