REVIEW: Sinestro #18


When we last left our favorite antagonist, Sinestro, he had just been surrounded by the reawakened dead of the Paling. The unemotional dead have risen to extinguish all who stand in their way. I think. Their plans aren’t as clear in this issue, so lets just hop over the jump to find out what happens and whether its good, bad or ugly.


Let me be blunt. Neil Edwards is not that good. Actually, strike that. Let me be a bit more descriptive and less insulting. I am not a fan of what Neil Edwards has brought to this issue of Sinestro. Thankfully, regular series artist Brad Walker (accompanied per usual with inker Andrew Hennessy) appears at the back half of this issue and the change is drastic and more than necessary. Its not that Edwards’ art is poor, it is just not capable of expressing dramatic scenes. His initial two page spread is okay, but it needs to be more than that. Wonder Woman needs to look imposing or at the very least heroic. Now, some of that falls on the poor costume design that seems to be physically stopping her from lifting her arms above her head, but the other half is expression and that’s where Edwards falls short. Just a single page later, we have this great close up shot of Sinestro telling the (rightfully?) abandoning Diana that he’ll continue to hold down the front lines in her absence. What we see however, is a Sinestro in his most rage filled facial expression ever saying those words. Why? That’s not his demeanor and the situation doesn’t call for it. I may be accusing Neil Edwards of not portraying the script correctly or the blame may in fact be with writer Cullen Bunn but the fault is not on me. That’s a chemistry problem between creatives, of which does not appear later in the issue with another artist.

Unfortunately, there are more problems to be had with issue #18 than the art of Mr. Edwards. I felt as if shit had hit the fan on the final page of last weeks issue. Before that, I thought “Shit just got real” when the Pale Bishop rose from the dead but when the action finally happens, I’m left with more random shots of DC characters on Earth (now including the current t-shirt donning Superman) and barely any attention paid to the main character and his corps of awesome aliens that we’ve seen him collect over the years and in recent issues!

This book really is a tale of two halves because part of that focus issue I just mentioned is dealt with. Nax provides for a spectacular scene with a great kill shot (drawn by…you guessed it Brad Walker). You can’t tell me it doesn’t give you a bit of a chill reading (or saying aloud like I did) “Lets go help my father.” from Soranik Natu! That’s great writing. That’s just plain great character. Still, that comes more than half way into the issue and after that moment, I’m reading/watching a Wonder Woman/Superman teamup before I get back to the characters I care about. Like I said before, lantern rings on random DC Universe characters don’t impress me and damn sure has lost all shock value at this point so that ending doesn’t do anything for me. I actually got my hopes up thinking that Sinestro would recruit new characters that will play a pivatol role in the series like Nax is doing. What I don’t want, is to see Wonder Woman literally leaving the scene but getting center stage view when Sinestro was talking to Arkillo who’s shown at the very bottom…in the back. Tale of two halves and a lot of inconsistency in the good makes for a not so good issue.


Sinestro #18 earns a 2/5

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