REVIEW: Sinestro #17


Last issue we were treated to two insanely powerful egotistical villains who would much rather think of themselves as “Anti-Heroes” in Black Adam and our main character Sinestro. So what does Cullen Bunn offer up for us readers this time around? Well, more cameos and more Black Adam and less intrigue. Hit the jump for the play by play…or something like that.


Unfortunately, I have to start this review with the art. Regular series artist Brad Walker was not able…scratch that, I don’t know the circumstances that led to Walker’s lack of a complete issue but he was sorely missed. This issue was drawn by three different artists including Walker, Neil Edwards and Szymon Kudranski. Three artists. Three different styles and apparently not enough time in the hectic release schedule to allow for Bunn to tailor the script to the talents of each. When Edwards takes over it is apparent but not jarring, and that is surely not the case when Kudranski’s art hits your eyes. To say that his style differs from that of Edwards and Walker, is to say delicious Granny Smith apples are different from iPods.

The art changes definitely gave me a pause when reading and it wasn’t as if this issue could afford many distractions and still keep me focused. I would say it was filler, but didn’t even have the gall to wrap up! We get an unnecessary cameo from Wonder Woman (whom I love by the way) inserted into a role that could have been literally any other strong DC comics property. It looked and more importantly felt like an excuse to trot Wonder Woman’s new costume out for those who may not have noticed her new new new new digs.

I called this issue potential filler because the good bits, and yes they were bits, could have been done in half the time or at least drawn out to much better suspense. Soranik is in a room filled with dead bodies who are now stirring. Now granted, she’s been through Blackest Night and that whole fiasco but I’d like to think even if she has that dead bodies stirring while she’s operating should make for a more interesting tale. I am wrong. She casually mentions it to her assistant (and our previous new Sinestro Corps member) and we get zero pay off from it. Black Adam gets the overused lantern trope of “Lantern Ring plus New Costume equals Plot Development.” and because its so overused and has happened to everyone who appears in the lantern titles, it means pretty much nothing in the awesome factor. Even less so when its shown that this newfound power doesn’t help much against The Pale Bishop and is repeatedly said as much.

In the end, The Pale Bishop has a bunch of ships ready to unload on the Sinestro Corps. Probably would have been a bigger and better moment if we had either seen this roundup or not had been treated to the Wonder Woman pages.


Sinestro #17 earns a 2/5

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