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Well the time has finally arrived. The fallen angel of the Green Lantern Corps finally has his own ongoing series, and you will beware his power. This has to be one the most perplexing moves made by DC comics. Outside of last years Forever Evil event, you don’t see DC pushing for a solo series centered around one of their notorious villains, yet here we are. One can’t deny that this series only exist because of the popularity resurgence thanks to Geoff Johns for the past ten years, this is the next logical step for Sinestro. So with that being said, does this first issue hit or miss? Let’s open page one and find out.

The opening for Sinestro can be described as exhausted, and not in a negative light but Sinestro himself comes off as exhausted. These two pages set the stage for his characterization. Cullen Bunn and Dale Eaglesham expertly show that this is a man who has been through various ups and downs and is potentially suicidal. Eaglesham’s body language for Sinestro says it all, he simply looks lost and tired.

The tribal look also speaks to his standing point, as he has been stripped of Parallax and while he has the yellow ring he has been reduced to a lesser form since the separation.

However, it appears that Sinestro is still a fighter, but what’s a fighter with no reason to fight? The choreography from Eaglesham for Sinestro and the alien beast was expertly done. The reader is never lost and the panels flow eloquently and seamlessly.

Soon Lyssa Drak shows up and thanks to Sinestro’s inner monologue new readers are quickly caught up to speed, wasting no time moving the story forward. Cullen Bunn still sticking with the montra that Sinestro is the retired prize fighter, with Lyssa Drak serving as our Don King but instead of money she appeals to his nature.

That of course saving his people, which becomes the driving force for him to return to using the ring once again. The splash with Sinestro wearing the uniform is not a typical return splash. His body is slouched and he comes off as unsure if this was the right decision to make.

Sinestro waist no time as he learns of some surviving Korugarians. Eaglesham delivers an awesome double page spread of Sinestro tearing through ship or zealouts. If anybody was worried that Sinestro might be turning soft, well fear not because he still has his mean streak. With the Korugarians in toll Sinestro with the help of Lyssa finds the corps and what a shock most of them want him dead.

Especially Arkillo, and while Sinestro attempts his usual gravitas when engaging a horde of scum and villainy but it doesn’t work;. The issue concludes with the reveal that they have Natu and even she isn’t happy to see him. The pure rage in Natu’s face says it all, her discontent on clear display for all to see.

Sinestro #1 was an interesting opening chapter, and it’s certainly a somber approach to Sinestro himself, which makes this reviewer want to come back for more. Eaglesham’s art was in top notch form as always hopefully he sticks on for the long haul

Sinestro #1 earns a 4/5

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  1. David

    I need to read this. Everyone says that this was going to suck but I was eager to try it.


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