REVIEW: Red Lanterns #36

Can you believe Godhead is about to enter it’s final act? While it certainly has felt like a prolonged journey, looking back it really hasn’t been that long. With the holidays right around the corner it’s that time for families and friends to come together for merry times. The same could be said about the current situation for the respective lantern corps, but there is one book that feels out of the loop. The previous issue of Red Lanterns felt like tie-in rather than the next part of the story, so is that still the same for this chapter of Godhead? Let’s get our rage on and find out.

Given that the Red Lanterns became Earth’s “protectors” a little over a year ago, if you we’re reading only Red Lanterns it does make sense from that perspective of how Red Lanterns is being handled in the macro view of Godhead. Since they are so far removed from any lantern craziness I can accept how isolated the last issue felt. This issue still continues that secluded tone with a buddy team up with Simon Baz and Guy Gardner. The first quarter of the book is basic exposition for readers who have read Red Lanterns and those who haven’t as it recaps both Godhead and recent events in Guy’s life.

What starts out as simple recap page, turns into a look into Guy Gardner’s state of mind. Simon Baz implies that due to all the craziness, and him wanting to take the fight to the New Gods that Guy is suicidal. Which makes this opening scene much more powerful and gives you a reason to get behind Guy Gardner, outside of simply wanting to stop the bad guy.

Another weird aspect to this issue it seems as though High Father has seemed to have gone back to a more calm state, still evil but not as over the top from the last chapter of Godhead. It’s a mute issue when discussing the issue from a bigger perspective but it’s noticeable when this series has been reading like a weekly comic since the beginning of October. I will say that Calafiore did a great job on his double splash of New Genesis, it reminded me of Cloud City. Especially with the use of sunset colors.

Since the Lanterns stay removed from the rest of the DCU, cameos from Earth based are extremely rare. The next scene is a game of verbal chicken between Simon, Guy, and Cyborg of all league members. It’s a bit cliche when it comes to the threats and posturing but it’s a well done scene that gets Guy and Simon to New Genesis. Bonus thought I’m not sure but Calafiore made Cyborg’s armor look even more slick and organic. It’s a nice look.

Oddly enough the issue ends with a comedic tone despite the dire situation of Guy and Simon being captured. I say comedic because of Guy and Simon literally crashing into the New God he faced last issue and the New God is naked, plus the dialog in the final scene just screams buddy cop movie.

Calafiore was once again solid issue of Red Lanterns, despite a few flawed facial expressions. His action scenes were still fun to look at, and I hope he gets another chance at drawing New Genesis again.

This issue of Red Lanterns while still felt like a tie in comic rather than the next chapter of Godhead, it was more enjoyable. Some great character moments between Guy and Simon and good art leads to a solid chapter.

Red Lanterns earns a 3/5

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