REVIEW: Red Lanterns #35


The crossover rolls on with the another emotional spectrum book taking the spotlight. Now it’s time to focus on the Red Lanterns who (due to events of Lights Out) have claimed sector 2814 as their territory. Unfortunately for me this one title I don’t keep up with on a regular basis. I apologize if I gleam over anything that seems important. This review will rather see how this book fit’s in the over all scheme of Godhead. So with that being said, what is up with Guy Gardner and his motley crew (not the band) of Red Lanterns are up.

Right from the get Soule drops the reader into a scene that already begin, we just happen to catch up. Instead of opening monologues of how High Father is going to take the Life Equation and defeat Darkseid, instead Soule begins this chapter of Godhead with a conversation between Ice and Guy. Long time readers will remember their relationship but if you’re like me and haven’t read a lot about Guy Gardner, Soule does a fine job of establishing some kind of relationship between the two.

It’s clear by the dialog that they’ve had a troubled relationship, but it’s a nice change of space from some of the previous chapters of beat downs delivered by New Gods to Lanterns. J.Calafiore does a great job of capturing their troubles in their faces. Both Tora (Ice) and Guy feel like they have actual weight to them. To bad this “romance” might have to take a back seat due to the crossover, but maybe Soule will find someway to involve Ice in Godhead no matter how small the role.

The most interesting aspect of this issue is the lack of New Gods until the final third of the issue itself. The Godhead crossover at least for this issue of Red Lanterns feels morel like an after thought to previous established plans. In fact Guy confronts a self proclaimed “God” in Qurac called Shahkavat. No real explanation is given on him, but rather he’s used as an example of what kinda threats the Red Lanterns go after. So with the New Gods playing second fiddle to the book until they show up, the crossover doesn’t gel with the tone of the book.

While the others have felt natural and didn’t have the crossover stink, Red Lanterns does. I can’t speak to that as absolute truth it just has that feeling. The story itself as one issue took a bit of a dive when the New Gods did show up as it was once again overwhelming whatever lantern was in their way. That being said Calafiore did a fantastic job on double page splash when the New Gods show up. It’s a classic “stuff just got real splash” but it still works as a singular piece.

Even more odd is the inclusion of Simon Baz showing up just in time to save Guy from death. It’s only odd due to Simon being exiled to Earth and with only one real appearance since Venditti and company took over. The issue ends with Guy proclaiming that he’s going to take the fight to the New Gods.

This was a fine enough issue but with the lack of New Gods or any real progression of the plot it suffers in that account. It feels like the crossover has barely started as Act 1 is already almost done. Maybe the story will pick up next month but one can only guess. Calafiore on art was a nice surprise. His or her’s  action sequences got the job done with a special nod towards the sequence of Guy’s potential heading. A solid job on art all around.

Red Lanterns #35 earns a 2/5

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