REVIEW: Justice League #41


Along with a brand new DCU means more books have been added to this review list, and since Johns teased Hal’s full return two issues ago it only seems fitting to add Justice League now. Now I’ve been reading Justice League since November of last year and I would have reviewed the series early except that the current slate of books were draining me, but now that isn’t the case. So strap yourselves in because it’s time for a blockbuster done in comic book form. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for the Darkside War.

Normally I try to pick apart the plot of a book and see what worked and what didn’t work. That all changed when I feel in love with Jason Fabok as an artist. You ever see an artist draw a comic and you never want to see them deviate from that (even though that doesn’t help them grow as an artist but I’m a selfish person). Jason Fabok was born to draw superhero comics, as he perfectly captures their God like bodies, but he manages to still make them look anatomy correct. Perfect example of this is his take on Wonder Woman as she comes off as a powerful Greek Goddess of War (spoilers) while maintaining her beauty.

There’s a term in baseball for a player could can do virtually everything, while I’m not aware of a term for comics artist but Jason Fabok has the tools for a great artist. I’ve mentioned some of them but the fact that his storytelling is just as sharp as his splash pages are. If he doesn’t become a mega superstar after this arc is over then I will sigh in depression, but I have a feeling that Fabok will get the credit that he deserves.

If you’ve been a reader of Justice League since the debut of the New 52, this story arc feels like the culmination of everything that Johns has setup story line wise into one gigantic finale, especially when you see all the players that are put on display throughout the issue. In normal Johns fashion though, he writes in a way that is accessible to long term fans and people who are just jumping on and are not familiar with the current continuity of Justice League¬† . Johns uses Mr. Miracle as the exposition piece for the issue but in doing so he also manages to make Mr.Miracle a character that newer fans can connect to and learn a bit about his back story in case they missed the previous issue of Justice League.

Being a fan of John’s writing I simply adore how he understands each character at their core, and when you read their dialog it just feels natural and you believe that’s them. That and his ability to tell a great action sequence, as with the debut of Darkside’s daughter Grail. Yes the new villain beating down the heroes is a bit over done, but when it’s done correctly it’s hard to not fall for it’s trappings, and I believe it was done correctly here.

Interestingly enough the only aspect I didn’t enjoy were the Superman and Lex Luthor’s exchange. While it does stay true to that notion that Superman will never trust Luthor for some reason Superman just comes off a petty child who doesn’t like that the new kid is part of the club. It just feels like Luthor is only there to cause drama with Superman and it comes off as forced with Luthor as a member of the Justice League. A problem that doesn’t stem from this issue but still a problem irregardless.

It’s clear that both Johns and Fabok brought their game faces for this story arc and I am looking forward to seeing just how this will continue. If you haven’t been reading Justice League I recommend starting now.

Justice League #41 earns a 4/5

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